Wisconsin State Patrol (WI) Radio IDs

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Wisconsin State Patrol Radio IDs

All State Patrol radios are assigned ID numbers in the 81xxx(xx) series. Dispatch consoles are assigned 81xyy where x is the post number and yy is the console position. Mobile and portable radios are assigned 81xyyyy where x is the radio number (typically 0 for cruiser radios) and yyyy is the Trooper or Inspector radio number. Personnel that have a radio number below 100 are announced as "Car xx". Almost all car numbers between 1 and 99 are assigned, but not all of those personnel have radios or even fleet vehicles.

Central HQ

  • Car 1 Superintendent
  • Car 2 Colonel
  • Car 3-16 Other executive staff/management
  • Car 17-99 Other staff (any bureau, any rank)
  • Car 30-37 K9 Units
  • Car 50-66 Technical Reconstruction Unit (TRU)

WSP Academy

  • Car 20-27 Academy staff

Southwest Region

  • 1xx DeForest Post Troopers
  • 11xx DeForest Post MCE Inspectors
  • 5xx Tomah Post Troopers
  • 55xx Tomah Post MCE Inspectors

Southeast Region

  • 2xx Waukesha Post Troopers
  • 22xx Waukesha Post MCE Inspectors

Northeast Region

  • 3xx Fond du Lac Post Troopers
  • 33xx Fond du Lac Post MCE Inspectors

Northcentral Region

  • 4xx Wausau Post Troopers
  • 44xx Wausau Post Inspectors

Northwest Region

  • 6xx Eau Claire Post Troopers
  • 66xx Eau Claire Post MCE Inspectors
  • 7xx Spooner Post Troopers
  • 77xx Spooner Post MCE Inspectors

Other Personnel

  • 8xx Radio Technicians

Other State Agencies

  • Cxxx DNR Conservation Wardens
  • Rxxx DNR Park Rangers
  • Jxxx DOJ Agents
  • EMxx WEM staff (Region directors, etc)

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