Wood County (OH)

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Wood County, Ohio
County Number 87
OSP District Findlay
OSP Post 87 (Bowling Green)
ODOT District 2 (Bowling Green)
MARCS Zone 2
NWS Office Cleveland
FIPS Code 39173

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EMS Units

  • Medic 50 - Lake Township
  • Medic 80 - Northwood
  • 190 - Northwest EMS

Fire / EMS Pager Tones

Frequency: 154.175 MHz

Perrysburg EMS                         368.6 /  368.6
Perrysburg FD                          330.5 /  349.0

Frequency: 154.340 MHz

Perrysburg Township Station 74                         446 /  1010

Fire Stations

*Wood County departments not on NWOPSRN are using Ohio MARCS-IP and are dispatched on 50514 and 153.890) 
60x      Bowling Green FD *Numbering system no longer used. (Dispatched on DMR and Analog)                     
61x      Bloomdale FD 
63x      Custar FD
64x      Cygnet FD
65x      Center Township FD
66x      Dunbridge FD
67x      Grand Rapids FD
68x      Haskins FD
69x      Hoytville FD
70x      Jerry City FD
71x      Luckey-Troy Township FD
73x      Milton Center FD
74x      West Millgrove FD
75x      North Baltimore FD
77x      Pemberville Freedom FD
78x      Portage FD
82x      Rising Sun FD
83x      Tontogany FD
85x      Wayne FD
86x      Weston FD
87x      Wood County Dispatch
983-984  North Baltimore EMS
190      Northwest EMS

Fire departments in northern Wood County have adopted a regional numbering system. 
The following are the departments using this new system. Some departments patch their main talkgroupp to their old analog frequency. 

Station 27 - Lake Township (Walbridge)
Station 28 - Lake Township (Millbury)
Station 29 - Rossford
Station 38, 39 - Perrysburg
Station 74 - Perrysburg Township
Station 82 - Northwood (Old #2)
Station 83 - Northwood (Old #1)

Equipment from each station will follow this system.
Medic 38 would be from Perrysburg, Engine 29 from Rossford, etc. 

Police Units

Wood County    Dispatch 
W1             Sheriff
W2             Chief Deputy
W3+            Sheriff Units
W300+          Auxiliary Units 
W90            County coroner
E1+            Explorer Units 
1xx            Rossford (Dispatched by Wood County on 10537: NWORPSS)
616            Bairdstown
617            Bloomdale
629            Bradner
639            Milton Twp.
649            Cygnet
677            Former Grand Rapids
688            Haskins
697            Hoytville
705            Portage Twp.
718            Troy Twp.
719            Luckey
747            West Milgrove
759            North Baltimore
779            Pemberville
829            Rising Sin
836            Washington Twp.
837            Tontogany
858            Wayne
868            Former Weston

Self Dispatched Departments: Perrysburg Twp. 1xx Perrysburg City: xx Lake Township: 9xx Northwood: 7xx

Sheriff Codes and Signals


1    Contact Sheriff or Chief
3    Contact Chief Deputy or Supervisor
5    Contact HQ/Communications Center
7    Registration check
7A   Stolen file check
9    Investigate complaint
11   Arrest record check
11A  Wants/Warrants check
13   Special detail
15   Civil process
15F  Felony warrant
15M  Misdemeanor warrant
17   Meet in person
19   Contact by phone
19A  Contact mobile phone
21   Prisoner
23   Off air to eat
25   Return to HQ
27   Emergency run
29   Emergency squad needed
29A  Air ambulance needed
29B  Fire department needed
31   Tow truck
33   In service
35   On patrol
37   Out of service
39   Location
41   One unit in radio contact
43   Home/At home
45   Contact news media
47   Get report
49   Radio repair
51   Unable to answer
55   Civil Defense/EMA alert
57   Escort or parade detail
57A  VIP detail
59   LEADS out of service
61   Pick up other unit
63   Investigation or follow up
65   Detective needed at scene
65A  Evidence technician
65B  Hostage negotiator
65C  Tactical team
65D  K9 unit
65E  Coroner
65F  Prosecutor
67   Urgent, no emergency
69   Narcotics complaint
71   Change channel
85   Fuel stop
91   911 hang-up


2    Property damage accident
2A   Property damage hit-skip
4    Injury accident
4A   Injury hit-skip
6    Aircraft crash
8    Assault
10   Assist other unit
12   Burglary
12A  Burglary in progress
14   Bad check/forgery
16   DOA
18   Dog bite
18A  Animal complaint
20   Domestic complaint
20A  Neighbor complaint
22   Drowning
24   Drunk
26   Fight
28   Fire
28A  Vehicle fire
28B  Structure fire
28C  Person possibly inside
28D  Explosion
30   Gambling
32   Homicide
34   Juvenile complaint
36   Theft
36A  Theft in progress
38   Missing person
38A  Missing person returned
40   Person with gun
40A  Person with knife
42   Nature unknown
46   Prowlers
48   Rape
48A  Sex offense
48B  Exposing
50   Robbery
50A  Robbery in progress
52   Shooting
52A  Shots fired
52B  Hunters/target shooters
54   Stabbing or cutting
56   Stolen vehicle
56A  Recovered stolen vehicle
56B  Wanted vehicle
58   Suicide
58A  Suicide attempt
60   Suspicious person
60A  Suspicious vehicle
62   Traffic detail
64   Vandalism
66   Escape or jail break
68   Livestock on roadway
70   Emergency notification
72   Threats or harassment
74   Hazmat incident
76   Mental
78   Alarm drop
80   Traffic jam/road blocked
82   Disabled vehicle
84   Open door
86   Traffic offense
86A  Motorcycle/ATV complaint
88   Bomb threat
90   Train derailment

Sheriff using DMR on 154.725 as of Feb 2016

154.725 Sheriff Dispatch DMR (Simulcast on 151.115)

  • color code 8
  • timeslot 1: talkgroup: 8700 normal operations in the clear
  • timeslot 2: talkgroup: 8792 encrypted
  • RIDs: 87000 Wood County
  • 870xx xx = Badge #: Portable Radio
  • 875xx Mobile Radio