Woodward County (OK)

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Oklahoma Highway Patrol

Woodward County is in OHP Troop I's service area.


Not yet on OKWIN.

Low Band and Relays

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
44.70000      KKB469   BM  77.0 PL  OHP Low Band 1 Low Band Side 1  FM  Law Dispatch 
769.20625  799.20625   WRZD916   RM  04D NAC  OHP Troop I Woodward Repeater  P25  Law Dispatch 
769.83125  799.83125   WRZD916   RM  04D NAC  OHP Troop I Harmon Repeater  P25  Law Dispatch 
769.10625  799.10625   WSBQ891   RM  04D NAC  OHP Troop I Buffalo Repeater  P25  Law Dispatch 
770.03125  800.03125   WRKA922   RM  04D NAC  OHP Troop I Slapout Repeater  P25  Law Dispatch 
769.40625  799.40625   WSBQ891   RM  04D NAC  OHP Troop I Boise City Repeater  P25  Law Dispatch 
769.83125  799.83125   WRKA922   RM  04D NAC  OHP Troop I Guymon Repeater  P25  Law Dispatch 
772.00625  802.00625   WSBQ891   RM  04D NAC  OHP Troop I Four Corners Repeater  P25  Law Dispatch 
771.50625  801.50625   WSBQ891   RM  04D NAC  OHP Troop I Bryans Corner Repeater  P25  Law Dispatch 

Woodward County Public Safety Entities

Woodward County has five fire departments, three local law enforcement entities, one county law enforcement entity, one county-wide emergency medical service, one air ambulatory service, and three emergency management offices, in addition to a number of state and federal public safety offices.

Fire Departments

Five area fire departments exist, including Fort Supply, Mooreland, Mutual, Sharon and Woodward. Every department has a volunteer unit, with Woodward having the only paid firefighters in the county.

Each fire department is responsible for fire, rescue and hazardous materials incidents within their respective fire district.

Law Enforcement Agencies

Four law enforcement agencies exist, including Fort Supply, Mooreland, Woodward and Woodward County. The Woodward Police Department is the largest law enforcement agency in the northwest area. Each department in the county has a Reserve division composed of volunteer law enforcement officers as well.

Each law enforcement agency is responsible for enforcement of federal, state and local laws within their respective jurisdiction.

Emergency Medical Services

Woodward County Emergency Medical Service consists of full and part-time emergency medical technicians who Woodward County proper for all medical emergency transport issues. Air Evac provides air ambulance services to northwest Oklahoma, and is based in Woodward.

Emergency Management Agencies

Three emergency management agencies exist, including Mooreland, the City of Woodward and Woodward County. Mooreland is a volunteer agency. The City of Woodward and Woodward County have a combined agency with paid personnel as well as reserve emergency managers, who are volunteers. This entity is structured under the Woodward Police Department, with personnel trained in all three major aspects of public safety (law enforcement, fire/rescue and emergency medical).

The City of Woodward/Woodward County Office of Emergency Management manages the Woodward County OEM Reserve Unit, the Woodward Co. Search & Rescue Team, Woodward Co. RACES, Woodward Co. School Emergency Notification System (SENS), the Regional Communications Network (ReCoN), and is responsible for the activation of the Public Emergency Notification System (PENS) in Woodward County, which include weather and other emergency bulletins to SMS, email, PENS radio receivers, twitter updates, Oklahoma Alert, and the activation of outdoor warning sirens.

The City of Woodward/Woodward Co. Office of Emergency Management additionally trains and coordinates training to local first responders in a number of areas dealing with response to and recovery from large-scale emergencies and disasters.

The office is assisted by a number of non-profit volunteer organizations, including northwest Oklahoma ARES, the Salvation Army northwest chapter, the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Crew, the Boy Scouts of America, the Woodward County Citizen Corps, Woodward Co. CERT, the Woodward Ministerial Alliance, and others.

Each emergency management office is responsible for the preparation for, response to, and recovery from disaster or large-scale emergency.

Specialized Entities

The Woodward Police Department has a Special Weapons & Tactics division, which conducts high-risk law enforcement operations for law enforcement agencies throughout northwest Oklahoma. The unit consists of police officers of the Woodward Police Department who receive specialized training for these types of operations, and is provided technical support by the City of Woodward/Woodward Co. Office of Emergency Management.

The Narcotics Division of the Woodward Police Department works closely with other federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in the enforcement of narcotics laws.

The Woodward Police Department has a School Resource Officer division which provides on-site law enforcement to the Woodward Public School system, ensuring the safety of students and faculty.

The Woodward Police Department Women's Auxiliary provides services to the Department and the community during times of need.

The Office of Emergency Management works under the Woodward Police Department to provide law enforcement commissioning of emergency management personnel, as well as to assist federal, state and local jurisdictions with homeland security and emergency management issues.

Fire departments within Woodward County, in addition to Woodward County Emergency Management and Woodward County Commissioner's District 3 participate in the Woodward County Wildland Fire Task Force. This team responds to requests for wildfire mutual aid outside of Woodward County anywhere in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. The team responds fully equipped and self-sustainable for any type of disaster.

The Fort Supply Fire Department Women's Auxiliary provides support services to volunteer firefighters in Woodward County, and hosts the annual Fort Supply Fire Department Banquet.

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