Wright County (MN) Radio IDs on ARMER

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Law Enforcement Radio IDs

Unit ID Usage
21xx WCSO Northwest Area Car
31xx WCSO Northeast Area Car
41xx WCSO Southeast Area Car
51xx WCSO Southwest Area Car
22xx WCSO Maple Lake Contract Car
23xx Annandale Police
24xx WCSO South Haven Contract Car
25xx WCSO Clearwater Contract Car
32xx WCSO Monticello Contract Car
33xx WCSO Otsego Contract Car
34xx WCSO Albertville Contract Car
35xx WCSO St. Michael Contract Car
42xx Rockford Contract Car
43xx Hannover Contract Car
44xx Buffalo Police
45xx WCSO Delano Contract Car
46xx WCSO Montrose/Waverly Contract Car
52xx WCSO Waverly/Montrose Contract Car
53xx Howard Lake Police
54xx WCSO Cokato Contract Car
110x WCSO Administration
111x WCSO Watch Commander
12xx WCSO Recreation Units
13xx WCSO Traffic Enforcement
15xx WCSO Reserve Support
160x WCSO Detective
163x WCSO Major Crimes Investigation Unit
165x WCSO Special Investigation Unit
167x WCSO School Resource Unit
180x WCSO Warrant Services
181x WCSO Civil Unit
185x WCSO Bailiff
19xx WCSO Special Detail
20xx WCSO Park Ranger
Wright County Badge Numbers
100-190 WCSO Deputies
230-239 WCSO Watch Commanders
22x WCSO Sergeant’s
305-310 WCSO Civil Process
33x WCSO Special Investigation
34x WCSO School Resource
35x WCSO Detective
4xx Buffalo Police
5xx Howard Lake Police
5xx Annandale Police
6xx WCSO Reserve
7xx WCSO Auxiliary

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