Yaesu FT-60

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General Information

Basic dual-band amateur handheld from Yaesu. Seems to be a direct replacement for the FT-50.

EHam User Reviews


  • Dual-band (2 Meters / 70 Centimeters) Ham hand-held
  • 5W/2W/0.5W power output
  • 1000 memory channels with memory group feature
  • 108-999MHz receive coverage
    • VFO 1 108-200MHz (108-137 AM, 137-200 FM)
    • VFO 2 200-300MHz (FM)
    • VFO 3 300-400MHz (300-336 AM, 336-400 FM)
    • VFO 4 400-520MHz (FM)
    • VFO 5 700-824MHz, 849-869MHz, 894-918.5MHz, 943.5-963.5MHz, 988.5-1000MHz (FM)
  • CTCSS/DCS automatic identification

Programming Software


The out-of-band transmit mod is available at It involves removing a very tiny component from the circuit board. Probably not for the faint of heart.

Tips and Tricks

  • You may enter a space in the channel name by rotating the knob clockwise one click when starting the alpha programming. The character looks like an under case u.
  • If you think that the stock antenna doesn't work very well, you're not alone. If you operate on one of the two bands most of the time, you can purchase a single-band antenna designed for the VX-800 commercial radio. Check out Multec Communications and scroll all the way down to the antenna section. The advantage of these antennas is that they have the rubber jacket present on the stock anttena that fits down below the actual SMA connector on the radio, which provides for a professional look (not to mention being water-proofed).
  • The weird band limitations in the 900MHz range are probably in place to keep people from trying to pick up cellular telephones on the image frequencies. Unfortunately if you want to tune in an amateur repeater in the 927MHz band, you're out of luck.