Yamhill County (OR)

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Dispatch Centers

Yamhill County has two separate centers for Emergency Call Taking and Dispatch:

  • Yamhill Communications Agency ("YCOM") - This is the largest PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) of the county, all police and fire districts are dispatched by this agency excluding the city of Newberg and the city of Dundee as well as the more rural western parts of the county. YCOM dispatches for Amity Police and Fire District, Carlton Police and Fire District, Dayton Fire District, Lafayette Fire, McMinnville Police and Fire, Sheridan Fire District, West Valley Fire District, Yamhill Police and Fire Protection District and the Yamhill County Sheriff's Office.
  • Newberg-Dundee 9-1-1 Communications Center ("Station 82","82") - This is the PSAP for the cities of Newberg and Dundee. They provide dispatch services for Newberg-Dundee Police.

Radio Systems

  • UHF Simulcast Network

This system is used for en route and on scene operations and dispatch for most of the public safety agencies in the county except for the cities of Newberg and Dundee. This system has five simulcast channels as well as several one site only repeated channels for special events and emergencies. Additionally, the City of McMinnville has their own Simulcast system which has three channels.

  • VHF and Low Band Paging System

This system is used for Fire and EMS personnel's pagers. There is one VHF frequency and one Low Band frequency. The two are multicast together so that pages can be heard on both at the same time.

  • Washington, Clackamas, Newberg and Dundee 800MHz SmartZone System

This system is owned and maintained by the Washington County Consolidated Communications Agency. It is used primarily by agencies within Washington and Clackamas County as well as the cities of Newberg and Dundee.

Station and Unit Identifiers


Note: Unless referring to Newberg-Dundee Police, the 'X' represents a placeholder for the last numbers of the unit's identifier.

  • Yamhill County Sheriff's Office Administration - 1XX
  • Yamhill County Correctional Facility - 2XX
  • Sheriff's Deputies - 3XX
  • Dog Control, Search and Rescue - 5XX
  • Sheriff's Reserves and Cadets- 6XX
  • Yamhill Police - 84X
  • Amity Police - 85X
  • Carlton Police - 87X
  • Radio Shops - 96X
  • Yamhill County Roads - XX
  • McMinnville Police - MAC XXXX
  • Newberg-Dundee Police:
ADAM - Administration
KING - Detectives
PAUL - Patrol
ROBERT - Reserves
SAM - Corporals
TOM - Traffic
X - Sergeants
  • Oregon State Police: McMinnville Area Command - 14XX


  • McMinnville Fire Department
Station 1 - McMinnville Main Station, NE 1st St
Station 12 - McMinnville Medic Substation, Baker Creek Rd
  • Newberg Fire Department
Station 20 - Newberg Main Station, E 2nd St
Station 21 - Springbrook Station, Middlebrook Dr
  • Dundee Fire Department
Station 3 - Highway 99W
  • Yamhill Fire Protection District
Station 4 - S Olive St
  • Amity Fire District
Station 5 - Amity Main Station, S Trade St
Station 50 - Perrydale Substation, Bethel Rd
  • Dayton Fire District
Station 6 - Dayton Main Station, 7th St
Station 62 - Grand Island Substation, SE Wallace Rd
Station 63 - Hopewell Substation
  • Carlton Fire District
Station 7 - Carlton Main Station, W Roosevelt St
Station 77 - Panther Creek Substation, Panther Creek Rd
  • West Valley Fire District (Willamina)
Station 8 - Willamina Main Station, NE Main St
Station 82 - Grand Ronde Fire Station, McPherson Rd
  • Sheridan Fire District
Station 9 - SW Mill St
Station 97 - Buell Substation, Mill Creek Rd
Station 98 - Ballston Substation, Ballston Rd
  • Lafayette Fire Department
Station 10 - 3rd St

Yamhill County Fire Tone Outs

Tap outs can be heard on either VHF 163.2500 (131.8 PL) or Low Band 46.4200 (CSQ). These two frequencies are multicast together.

Amateur Radio

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