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Yavapai County Sheriff's Office

Yavapai County comprises 8,092 square miles of widely varied terrain; from tall timber to scenic desert to “urban” areas. The Patrol Bureau provides all law enforcement Patrol, Animal Control, Forest Patrol, and SWAT for unincorporated areas of Yavapai County.

The Patrol Bureau is divided into four Area Commands:

  • Eastern Area Command (EDWARD Units)
    • Sector One includes the Page Springs and Cornville communities.Big Park (more commonly known as the Village of Oak Creek,Boynton Canyon, Long Canyon and Red Rock Loop.
    • Sector Two includes the unincorporated communities of Jerome, Clarkdale and Cottonwood, which include the Verde Village and Bridgeport.
    • Sector Three includes Fossil Creek, Childs, McGuireville, Rimrock, Lake Montezuma and the unincorporated areas of Camp Verde.
  • Northern Area Command (NORA Units)
    • Sector One includes Seligman and Ash Fork
    • Sector Two includes the unincorporated areas of the Town of Chino Valley and Paulden
    • Sector Three includes the residential and ranching areas of Williamson Valley, Skull Valley and Camp Wood
    • Sector Four includes the unincorporated areas of Prescott and Prescott Valley

The Southern area (SAM Units) is divided into Southeast and Southwest Commands:

  • Southeast Area Command
    • Sector One includes the incorporated Town of Dewey-Humboldt, the residential communities of White Horse Ranch, Henderson Valley and Cherry
    • Sector Two includes the town of Mayer, Poland Junction, Cordes Lakes, Spring Valley, Arcosanti and Orme
    • Sector Three includes Black Canyon City and Crown King
  • Southwest Area Command
    • Sector Four includes Yarnell, Congress, Peeples Valley, Stanton/Octave, Wagner, Walnut Grove and some unincorporated parts of Wickenburg
    • Sector Five includes Wilhoit, Kirkland and Skull Valley
    • Sector Six includes Bagdad, Hillside and Yava
  • [Map_AreaCommands1.png
 YCSO Patrol District Map ]

Prescott Regional Public Safety Communications Center (PRPSC)

The Prescott Regional Public Safety Communication Center is the emergency answering point for three police agencies and five fire agencies.

Law Enforcement

  • Prescott Police Department
  • Prescott Valley Police Department
  • Yavapai College Police Department

Fire Departments

  • Central Yavapai Fire District
  • Prescott Fire Department
  • Chino Valley Fire District
  • Groom Creek Fire District
  • Walker Fire District
  • Williamson Valley Fire District

PRPSC Fire Unit identifiers

  • 10 Not Assigned
  • 20 was mayer Fire Department (now on Sedona system)
  • 30 Not Assigned
  • 40 Groom Creek Fire District
  • 50 Central yavapai Fire District
  • 60 Chino Valley Fire District
  • 70 Prescott Fire Department
  • 80 Not Assigned
  • 90 Williamson Valley Fire Department

Sedona Regional Communications Center (SRCC)

All Sedona & Verde Valley (fire) agencies are now dispatched on Ch1 this includes ALL Of the following agencies:

SRCC Fire Unit identifiers

  • 10 Jerome FD
  • 20 Clarkdale FD
  • 30 Verde Valley FD
  • 40 Cottonwood FD
  • 50 Sedona FD
  • 60 Montezuma Rimrock FD
  • 70 Camp Verde FD
  • 80 Pinewood FD
  • 90 Verde Valley Ambulance

City of Prescott

Prescott Police Department Dispatched by PRPSC

Prescott Fire Department Dispatched by PRPSC

Town of Prescott Valley

Police Department Dispatched by PRPSC

  • District 1 is the southwest district which encompasses both Frontage Road businesses and residential areas south of Spouse Drive and west of Robert Road. This area also includes Lynx Lake Estates, Granville West, Glassford Regional Marketplace and the Entertainment District.
  • District 2 is the southeast district which encompasses both Frontage Road businesses and residential areas south of Spouse Drive and east of Robert Road. This area includes the Prescott Valley Business Park.
  • District 3 is the northwest district which encompasses areas north of Spouse Drive and west of Robert Road. This area includes Granville East.
  • District 4 is the northeast district which encompasses areas north of Spouse Drive and east of Robert Road.
  • District 5 is the district which encompasses business and residential areas south of Highway 69. This area includes Quailwood Meadows, Orchard Ranch, Villages at Lynx Creek, Prescott Country Club, Grapevine Industrial Park and Victorian Estates.
  • District 6 is the district which encompasses business and residential areas north of Highway 89A. This area includes Viewpoint, Pronghorn Ranch, Mingus West and the Yavapai County Fairgrounds.

Fire Department Dispatched by PRPSC

  • Provided by Central Yavapai Fire Department

Town of Chino Valley

Police Department Self-dispatched

  • Chino Valley Police Department

Fire Department Dispatched by PRPSC

  • Chino Valley Fire District

Town of Clarkdale

Police Department Dispatched by Camp Verde Marshal

  • Clarkdale Police Department

Fire Department Dispatched by SRCC

  • Verde Valley Fire District

City of Cottonwood

Police Department Self-dispatched

  • Cottonwood Police Department

Fire Department Dispatched by SRCC

  • Cottonwood Fire Department

City of Sedona

Police Department Dispatched by SRCC

  • Sedona Police Department

Fire Department Dispatched by SRCC

  • Sedona Fire District

Lifeline Ambulance Service, Inc.

Life Line Ambulance began serving Northern Arizonans in 1956 with one ambulance and three team members. Today, they deploy 25 ambulances and one critical care unit throughout the more than 9,000-square-mile service area from 11 strategically placed stations and employ a staff of nearly 200, including paramedics, intermediate and basic emergency medical technicians (EMTs), registered nurses, professional dispatch, customer service, human resource, accounting and fleet maintenance personnel.

Currently, Life Line Ambulance is the only service in Arizona to have an automated vehicle location (AVL) satellite/cellular system in place. This means that through satellites and cellular services, they are able to track every unit in the fleet every 15 seconds, no matter where they are in the service area. The AVL system is seamlessly integrated into the geographic informational system (GIS). Again, Life Line is leading the field with this type of integration. The GIS tells where the caller is, and the AVL tells us where the ambulance is. These systems work in tandem to get both together quickly.

Unit radio designators: Ambulances: Station # + squad # ie: West Prescott Squad 1 = 1101

Prescott Region

  • Station 11, West Prescott
  • Station 12, East Prescott
  • Station 21, South Prescott Valley
  • Station 22, North Prescott Valley
  • Station 31, Chino Valley
  • Station 61, Dewey
  • Station 71, Spring Valley

Wickenburg Region

  • Station 41, Wickenburg
  • Station 42, Morristown/Circle City

Williams Region

  • Station 51, Williams

Bagdad Region

  • Station 81, Bagdad

Life Line Ambulance Service website

Camp Verde Fire Department

Camp Verde Fire District is a combination department with 21 fulltime and numerous reserve firefighters who work twenty-four hour shifts, responding from Station 81, located on Head Street. Response area includes the Town of Camp Verde and surrounding area, and the Yavapai-Apache Nation, whose reservation and casino are within the District.

Central Arizona Fire and Rescue Authority (combining Central Yavapai Fire District and Chino Valley Fire District),

Dispatched by PRPSC

The Central Arizona Fire and Rescue Authority is located in central Yavapai County and provides fire protection services to 150 square miles which include the areas surrounding the City of Prescott, Williamson Valley, Ponderosa Park, Highland Pines, Diamond Valley, Stoneridge, Town of Prescott Valley, Castle Canyon Mesa, Lynx Mtn Estates, Granville, Viewpoint, Coyote Springs, Poquito Valley, Villages at Lynx Creek, Quailwood, Prescott Country Club, Town of Dewey-Humboldt.

Chino Valley Fire District

Dispatched by PRPSC

  • Station 61 - 1133 W. Road 3 North
  • Station 62 - 730 E Road 2 South
  • Station 63 - 250 W. Sweet Valley Drive, Paulden
  • Station 64 - 238 N. Highway 89 (Non-staffed)

Groom Creek Fire Department

Dispatched by PRPSC

Mayer Fire District

Dispatched by SRCC

Although dispatched by Sedona Fire Department, their radios are still programmed from when they were dispatched by Prescott FD. Mayer FD operates on channel 8, although Sedona FD (Alarm) will occasionally call it channel 1. After the dispatch Mayer FD switches a simplex channel, ID'd as channel 6, simplex, or car-to-car, for fire ground operations. Dispatches are preceded by a two tone pager tone that is specific to the station. Every morning at 0800 there is a tone test, activating stations 21, 22, 23, and BC2 or "officer"

Mayer FD operates out of four stations.

  • Station 21 (Mayer) Paramedic Engine 21, Paramedic Rescue 21, Brush 21

Staffed with two personnel: One Fire Fighter (FF)/ Paramedic and one FF/ EMT. These members mainly staff Rescue 21. They will also respond as Engine 21, or Brush 21 depending on what is called for, or if they are available.

  • Station 22 (Bensch Ranch) Paramedic Engine 22, Paramedic Rescue 22, Engine 2201, Water Tender 22, Scene Support 22

Staffed with three personnel. The shifts Captain, and two FFs. At least one member MUST be a Paramedic. This crew staffs Engine 22. There are many units quartered here, but E22 responds on ALL calls. If needed one member may break off and staff another unit as needed to fill responce needs. There is also Utility 22, a TRT and scene support unit. Engine 2201, a Type III truck. Water Tender 22, and a spare rescue (R22) which in time of high call volume may be staffed by the ALS FF and an EMT FF off of the engine. "Admin" is located behind this station. and Car 201 responds from this location during business hours.

  • Station 23 (Cordes Lakes) Paramedic Engine 23, Paramedic Rescue 23, Brush 23, Battalion 21, Water Tender 23

Staffed with three members. One Paramedic FF and one EMT FF along with the Battalion Chief. These members mainly staff Rescue 23, same as station 21. Additional units at this station include ALS Engine 23, Brush 23 and Water Tender 23. Battalion 2 also respond from here.

  • Station 24 (Spring Valley) Rescue 24, Engine 24 (Not in service)

Sta 24 is currently unstaffed

  • The "duty chief" or BC will be quartered at different locations, depending on the shift. On 'A' shift, BC2 is out of Station 23. On 'B' shift, C201 responds as the BC and runs out of admin during the day, and from his residence in Polland Jct. at night. On 'C' shift, BC2 is quartered at station 22. Recently the duty chief changed its call sign from battalion 21 to battalion 2. BC2 is the utility truck that is kept at station 22. C201 responds in his department vehicle.
  • LifeLine ambulance has a contract with Mayer FD to keep an ALS ambulance in the Mayer Fire District at all times. They will respond on major incidents, and when other rescues are on calls. Out of district calls, such as those to Black Canyon City or Crown King only require a rescue unless otherwise stated. E22 will remain in the district to cover additional traffic.


  • EMS calls: 1E 1R
  • Rescue calls (accidents): 1E 1R 1BC
  • Structure Fires: 3E 2WT 1BC LLA
  • Wildland Fires: 1E 1BR 1BC

Additional units are called as needed, and other departments such as Central Yavapai, Camp Verde, Black Canyon City, USFS, BLM, and State Land. Often "staffing" is called for by the chief officer. This is an alpha page sent to all Mayer FD members, for available FFs to staff various stations until other units go available.

Sedona Fire District

Dispatched by SRCC

  • Station 1 - 2860 Southwest Dr - E511, L511, A511, A512, WT511, SH511
  • Station 2 - 2555 Red Rock Loop Rd - E521, WT521
  • Station 3 - 125 Slide Rock Rd - E531, E532, WT531, A531, A532, R531
  • Station 4 - 391 Forest Rd - E541, BR541, BR542, A541, A542
  • Station 5 - 3791 N. Hwy 89A - E551, WT551, A551

Walker Fire Protection Association

AKA Walker Fire Department Dispatched by PRPSC

Williamson Valley/Bagdad Fire District

Dispatched by Rural Metro Fire Department

WVFD protects the people and property in a primarily rural area of over 300 square miles. They operate out of a station located at the corner of Hootenanny Road & Williamson Valley Road. The district is a public department whose 14 crew members include 6 EMTs, a paramedic and 7 state certified firefighters. WVFD provides fire protection and a multitude of emergency and non-emergency services, including Advanced Life Support (ALS) services to Williamson Valley.

Bagdad Fire Department protects the area around the town of Bagdad.

Veterans Administration

  • Also know as The Northern Arizona VA Health Care System (NAVAHCS)
  • The Hospital is officially the Bob Stump VA Medical Center

Prescott VA Hospital Police operate on Yavapai County Sheriff Ch1 154.7250 as call sign "Victor". Fire services are provided by Prescott Fire Department. EMS is provided by Life Line Ambulance.

Yavapai Apache Indian Tribe

  • Yavapai Apache Tribal Police operates on Camp Verde Marshall frequency.
  • Fire and EMS is provided by Camp Verde Fire.

Yavapai Prescott Indian Tribe

  • Yavapai Prescott Tribal Police operates on Yavapai County Sheriff Ch 2 as call sign "Tribal".
  • Fire service is provided by Prescott Fire Department.
  • EMS is provided by Life Line Ambulance.

NOTE: Although similar in name, each tribe is a sovereign nation with its own government

Fire Tone Out for Yavapai County

This is a work in progress.....

  • Prescott Fire Department' Receive Frequency 154.1600 Mhz
    • Station Tone A Tone B
    • ALL STATION ALERT (Daytime) 553.9 330.5
    • Station 71 553.9 349.0
    • Station 72 553.9 368.5
    • Station 73 553.9 389.0
    • Station 74 553.9 410.8
    • Station 75 553.9 726.8


  • Ashfork Fire District
  • Black Canyon City Fire District
  • Congress Fire Department
  • Crown King Fire Department
  • Jerome Fire Department
  • Peeples Valley Fire District
  • Pinewood Fire Department
  • Seligman Fire District
  • Skull Valley Fire Department
  • Southern Yavapai Fire Department
  • Yarnell Fire Department

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