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System Map

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Sites 1-9 are Central System sites; Sites 10-14 and 16 are South System sites; Sites 17, 18, 23, and 24 are West System sites; Sites 19-22 are North System sites; Site 15 is the Fulton site;

Zones and Frequencies

Central Zone

The most robust of the simulcasts, this zone employs nine tower sites and utilizes fourteen repeater channels to provide coverage for the central mass of the county, which includes Metro York, Springettsbury, Manchester, West Manchester, Spring Garden, Spry, Dallastown and Red Lion.

Tower Sites: Emergency Service Center (Pleasant Acres Road), Judicial Center (downtown York City), Manchester Township, Pleasureville, Queen Street (Fox 43), Red Lion (TV49), Long-Term Back-Up Facility (West Manchester Township Complex), Wrightsville Water Tank, and East Manchester Water Tank


North Zone

Covering the northern areas of the county, the North Zone utilizes ten repeater channels from four tower sites, and provides service for Dillsburg, Yocumtown, Lake Pinchot, and Fairview.

Tower Sites: Dillsburg, Ramsey Hill, Reesers Summit, and Yocumtown


West Zone

The West simulcast will provide coverage for the Hanover area, as well as Spring Grove, West Manheim, Lineboro, and Heidelburg/Porters Sidling. The zone will simulcast from two towers, and employ ten repeater channels.

Tower Sites: Iron Ridge (Pigeon Hills), Spring Grove, Hanover Hospital, West Manheim Township


South Zone

Providing signal to the ever-growing communities of southern York County, the South Zone will take advantage of two towers constructed by the Commonwealth for the state wide radio system, along with four other tower sites. This zone will provide adequate capacity with it's ten repeater channels.

Tower Sites: Crossroads (North Hopewell Township Building), Gatchelville (York 89),Lower Chanceford, Glen Rock, Shrewsbury (York 94), and Stewartstown Water Tank


Fulton Zone

A single tower site, this system employs three repeater channels to provide coverage of the often troublesome Susquehanna River proper in extreme southeast York County. Located on the Lancaster County side of the river, it provides a clear shot upstream.


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