Albany County (NY) Guilderland

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Guilderland Fire Department

Dispatched on 155.120

Guilderland departments have both an Albany County station number and a town station number. Departments are listed in order of town number, as apparatus is numbered via town station number. Department FCC callsigns are listed if known.


  • 1 - Altamont Fire Dist - 115 Main St between Brandle Rd. & Thatcher Dr, Altamont
Albany County Station 02
  • 2 - Guilderland Fire Dist - 2303 Western Ave between Willow St & Schoolcraft St, Guilderland
Albany County Station 14
  • 3 - Fort Hunter Fire Dist - 3525 Carman Rd. between Glenning Ln & Coons Rd, Schenectady
Albany County Station 11
  • 4 - Guilderland Center Fire Dist - 30 School Rd @ Van Wormer Dr, Guilderland Center
Albany County Station 15
  • 5 - McKownville Fire Dist. -
    • Sta. #1 - 1250 Western Ave @ Brookwood Ave, Albany
    • Sta. #2 - 100 Arcadia Ave between Western Ave & King St, Albany
Albany County Station 20
  • 6 - North Bethlehem Fire Dist - 589 Russell Rd between Krumkill Rd & Mohawk Trl, North Bethlehem
Albany County Station 24
  • 8 - Pine Grove Fire Dist - 144 Dunnsville Rd @ Giffords Church Rd, Rotterdam
Covers portion of Guilderland, dispatched by Schenectady County
Schenectady County Station 15
  • 9 - Westmere Fire Dist - 1741 Western Ave across from Ardsley Rd, Westmere
Albany County Station 24

Town FCC license: KTK773

Radio Codes and Signals

Signal 10 - False alarm, possibly malicious
Signal 15 - Investigation
Signal 20 - Scene stabilized - holding designated apparatus
Signal 30 - Working fire - full town agency response, mutual aid

Codes A,B,C,D indicate special operational and dispatch protocols to be activated.

Guilderland EMS

Dispatched on 155.145 by Guilderland Dispatch

EMS Zones

  1. McKownville, North Bethlehem, Westmere
  2. Fort Hunter, Guilderland
  3. Altamont, Guilderland Center, Town of Knox


Town of Guilderland Paramedics

Town operated first response vehicles providing paramedic level service to the Town of Guilderland (including the village of Altamont and the portion of SUNY Albany within the town) as well as the town of Knox. The town is dividing into three zones: Zone 1 is the east side towards Albany, Zone 2 is the west side towards Rotterdam, and Zone 3 is the village of Altamont and town of Knox. Up to four paramedics, including the supervisor, may be on duty at any given time. The paramedic unit is operated by the town police department with civillian employees. The unit is headquartered out of town hall at 5209 Western Tpke.


EMS 20 - Medical Director
EMS 30 - Senior Paramedic Supervisor
Medic 31 - Paramedic Supervisor
Medic 32 through 36 - Zone medics

Altamont Rescue Squad

Altamont Rescue is a combination volunteer and professional BLS level ambulance service. The squad primarily covers EMS Zone 3, but provides backup regularly into Zones 1 and 2. Altamont Rescue's Albany County station number is 50. Their station is located at 767 New York 146, Altamont.


EMS 5 - Captain
Rescue 1 - ambulance
Rescue 5 - ambulance

Western Turnpike Rescue Squad

Western Turnpike is a professional BLS level ambulance service. The service primarily covers EMS Zones 1 and 2, but provides backup for Zone 3 as needed. Western Turnpike's Albany County station number is 57. Western Turnpike maintains two stations: Station 1 is located at 100 Centre Dr, Albany; Station 2 is located at 3686 Carman Rd, Schenectady.


5701 - Chief
5702 - Asst Chief
Rescue 50 - ambulance
Rescue 60 - ambulance
Rescue 70 - ambulance
Rescue 80 - ambulance
Rescue 90 - ambulance

Five Quad Volunteer Ambulance Service

Dispatched on 154.115 by University Police Dept
Five Quad is a volunteer, student operated BLS ambulance service that covers the campus of SUNY Albany. The SECFCU arena, gymnasiums, football field, and Indian Quad are located within the town of Guilderland. Five Quad remains in service throughout the school year, and provides regular backup to the Town of Guilderland. Their station is located on the corner of Fuller Rd and Alumni Dr.

5280 - BLS first response EASV
5281 - ambulance
5282 - ambulance

Altamont Fair EMS

Altamont Fair EMS is a small service activated only for special events at the Altamont Fair Grounds.

Rescue 99 - ambulance

North Bethlehem FD

NBFD is a town fire department that provides BLS first response to the North Bethlehem fire district. NBFD also operates an incident rehabilitation unit, providing portable structures complete with heating, cooling, and electricity.

601 - Chief
EMS-62 - EMS First Response
Squad 63 - Rescue Squad equipped with rehab equipment

Radio Codes

  • Code Zero - Cardiac arrest
  • Code Two - Expectant death with DNR in place / Unattended death

Guilderland Dispatch


1   Fire Chiefs Association Chair
2   Fire Chiefs Association Secretary
3   Training
4   Training Tower Coordinator
5   Communications
6   Resource Officer
7   Chief Fire Inspector
8   Public Information Officer
9   Safety Officer
10  Treasurer

71-74  Fire Investigation
75-77  Fire Inspectors

8210  Mobile Command Unit


Apparatus are identified by 2-digit numbers.
1st digit = Department
2nd digit = Apparatus Type
	1 Fire Police
	2 Miscellaneous
	3 Squad
	4 Tanker or Pumper-Tanker
	5-8 Pumper
	9 Aerial

Chiefs are identified by 3-digit numbers.
1st digit = Department
2nd digit = 0 (zero)
3rd digit = Rank (1 is Chief, etc.)


 1 Altamont
	Squad 13

 2 Guilderland
	Squad 23

 3 Fort Hunter
	Squad 33

 4 Guilderland Center
	E-45 (Brush),46,47,48

 5 McKownville
	Squad 53

 6 North Bethlehem
	Squad 63

 7 Fire Investigation

 8 Pine Grove (Schenectady County)

 9 Westmere
	Truck 99
	Squad 93

11 Slingerlands (Town of Bethlehem)


Signal 10  False alarm, possibly malicious

Signal 15  Investigation

Signal 20  Scene stabilized - holding designated apparatus

Signal 30  Working fire - full town agency response, mutual aid

Codes A,B,C,D indicate special operational and dispatch protocols to be activated.

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