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Take a moment to review our Broadcasting Feeds article which reviews much of the policies and procedures that govern broadcasting live audio on

If you have a scanner you're not using and you would like to provide a scanner feed for, you can fill out a feed provider application at the following link:

This page is found on your account page, on the "My Live Audio Feeds" tab.

Providing a live audio feed does not require a second computer - you can use the computer you normally use to surf the web as long as you leave it on all the time. In addition, you'll also need a DSL or Cable Modem connection to the Internet and an audio cable(preferably Mono) to connect the earphone jack of your scanner to the Line In input of your computer's sound card. RadioReference will provide a free customized software package that you can install and run to broadcast the feed - no other software is required.

In addition, providing a scanner feed will not slow down your Internet connection - the digitized audio that is sent to our servers uses only a fraction of the upload portion of your connection, the part of your connection which you use very little of anyways. Providing a scanner feed will use approximately 5GB of bandwidth per month.


Everyone that provides a scanner feed receives:

  • A Premium Subscription (worth $30/year)
  • Access to lots of feed statistics (such as peak and number of unique listeners for feeds over the past week, 2 weeks, month, etc) for the scanner feeds.
  • A feed provider "badge" on your RadioReference Forums Profile
  • Lots of grateful listeners and a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart.

Feed Provider Terms of Service

There are restrictions on broadcast content that all feed providers must adhere to. They are listed on the feed provider terms of service page:

Feed Provider Terms of Service

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