Calhoun County (IL)

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County #007/17013 Population 5322 (1990) 253.8 sqm Neighboring Counties: Pike, Jersey, Greene, St. Charles MO, Lincoln MO, Pike MO

Calhoun County Public Safety

Calhoun County Sheriff's Office

  • Facebook Page
  • Sheriff - Dispatches all Police, Fire and EMS agencies in the county. (some dispatch by 911 Center/West Central Dispatch in Jacksosnville/Morgan County, as of 2018)
  • 154.235/156.165/156.105 - may not be in use as they once were. Most ops Now on 151.1075 and 156.165
  • WNZA819 - 159.3375 Repeater with 155.8725 input (NFM at 1 mi W of Hardin for Sheriff; not currently in use)
  • Dispatches all Police, Fire & EMS agencies in the county.
  • (Formerly used the High Band repeater (shared with Highway Department) but uses low band for Mobile Extenders and when the Highway Department needs to use the repeater)
  • Sheriff's Department serves all municipalities in the county. Hardin PD is only Part-time.
  • WEF962 Microwave 2143.6 800KF9W Sheriff @ Merle Inman Farm [Exp 7/00] Transmitter to reciever WEF862 [Expired]

Old Low Band - No Longer in use

 39.50000  156.16500  KDJ430 	M  047 DPL  Calh SD MX    Sheriff: Mobile Extenders
                                                              (VHF Portable to car, out on 39.5)   FM  Law Tac 
 39.50000             KDJ430 	BM 047 DPL  Calh SD 39.5  Sheriff: Back-up/Secondary/Car-to-Car
                                                              /Link to Greene County Sheriff       FM  Law Tac 
 39.12000             KDJ430 	B  047 DPL  Calh SD LB-B  Sheriff: Old Low Band (Base to Mobile)   FM  Law Tac 
 39.94000             KDJ430 	M  047 DPL  Calh SD LB-M  Sheriff: Old Low Band (Mobile to Base)   FM  Law Tac 
 39.38000             KDJ430 	M           Calh SD LB-C  Old Sheriff Car-to-Car [Expired]         FM  Law Tac 
 39.46000             KDJ430 	B  CSQ      S/W P2P Low   Old Point-to-Point                       FM  Law Tac 
453.41250  458.41250  WNZA819 	M           Calh SD RF1   Remote Receive Links [No longer in use]  FM  Deprecated

Law Units

  • "CL"-("See-El") CL-1,2,3,4,5,8 (9 used to be Ambulance) (these may be old)
  • Unit 119 on 151.1075 (4/21)
  • Hardin 1, 2

Calhoun County Volunteer Ambulance

  • Calhoun South EMT Unit (Brussels/Batchtown)
  • Calhoun Central EMT Unit (Hardin)
  • Calhoun North EMT Unit (Kampsville)
  • 3-J-14 3 453 03 Calhoun County Ambulance - Ford Box - white
  • Ambulance Units: 3J11, 3J12, 3J14 --Uses Cellular Pagers

Calhoun County Emergency Management

Calhoun Medical Center (Hardin)

8/12 - Old hospital, formerly associated with Illini Medical Group, near closing, very little support, doctors or money left in this rural area
  • Heliport 36LL (123.05 RDO-CTL) only approved for daylight conditions due to terrain in area

Calhoun County Volunteer Fire Departments

  • All Fire Departments are volunteer, members of MABAS-IL Division 67, and use MABAS interoperable fire-ground tactical frequencies.

Point Fire Protection District (Brussels)

Hardin Fire Protection District (Central)

Richwoods Fire Protection District (Batchtown)

  • Tanker/Tender - white truck/silver tank

North Calhoun Fire Protection District (Kampsville)

  • Facebook Page
  • 201 Brush - Ford F350 4dr Pickup
  • 202 Engine (older, white)
  • 203 Engine - E-One Freightliner #3
  • 205 Engine - American LaFrance - white/red #5 (Acquired 2017)
  • Kubota RTV 4x4


Hardin Fire Protection District

Maps and Images

Twpmap calhoun.gif


Brussels Community Unit School District 42

Calhoun Community Unit School District 40

  • possibly an intercom or wireless mic 170.15 162.2


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