Clark County (IL)

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Clark County Government

Clark County Sheriff's Department

  • 153.9050, 158.9700, 155.0250 FCC App - 0002438755 Dismissed
  • Heard 39.5000: Clark County calling Martinsville PD (7/4/10)

Clark County ESDA / Amateur Radio

  • KC9NJE Clark County EMA - Jeffrey Carpenter
  • 155.8050 KMF911 BM Clark ESDA ESDA - Local (Casey, Martinsville) [Expired]
  • 155.8050 WQU342 B Clark ESDA ESDA - Local (W Union) [Expired]
  • 155.8050 WQU341 B Clark ESDA ESDA - Local (Westfield) [Expired]
  • 155.8050 WQU400 BM Clark ESDA ESDA - Local [Expired]

Clark County Park District

Marshall (City)

  • WPVR748 956.43125 2K00A2D for Itron Meter Data


Westfield Fire Protection District

  • Article
  • Units: red mack pumper, yellow International pumper and tanker. About 25 volunteers.
  • Serves an area that extends outward from Westfield to the Coles County border on the north and west, nearly to Mill Creek Park on the east, and nearly to Casey on the south.

Codes, Unit Lists, Pager Tones

Fire/EMS Pager Tones

EMS Tone Out On 151.3850:
Tone A=879.0, Tone B=635.0

Fire Tone Out On 151.3850:
Tone A=553.9, Tone B=584.4

CODE-1 Tone Out On 151.3850:
Tone A=321.7, Tone B=928.1

On the 146.6850 Mhz repeater in Terre Haute, Clark County, Illinois RACES is toned out on the following: A= 634.5 Hz, B=834.0 Hz



  • Edens Farms 152.3000 Base/Mobile (11K at Casey) KNIW818
  • Effingham Clay Service 463.3000 Repeater (Louisville) WPLJ252
  • Melton Farms 157.6800 Base/Mobile (at Casey) WNGD468
  • Ramsay Farms 159.5400 Base/Mobile (Grain Ops at Casey) KBQ538
  • Ryan Farms 151.8650 Base/Mobile (11K at Casey) WQPF798
  • Sherwood Farms 151.7750 Base/Mobile (Casey) WNZQ246


  • Knierim Company 151.7450 Base/Mobile (Casey) WNDK374 General C?????
  • Lawrence Gravel 153.0050 Base/Mobile (West Union) KWO824 NMF

Illinois Evangelistic Association (Dennison)

  • KML258 - 157.7250 Base/Mobile (NFM)

Attractions and Recreation

Canyata Golf Club (Marshall)

  • WQPZ409 - Mobiles on 456.1875, 456.4375, 457.6625, 457.7875 (11K voice/digital)