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|Owner    = Orange County
|Owner    = Orange County
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==Talkgroup cell assignments==
The CCCS is somewhat unique in that while it is a Smartzone system, most of the talkgroups are locked to a given cell. The list below is a guide for most city-specific talkgroup cell assignments, namely SILVER, PINK, GREEN and fire Zone-1.<br>
City-specific talkgroups are assigned as follows:<br>
==Related Wiki Pages==
Aliso Viejo        -  '''South<br>''' 
*[[Countywide Coordinated Communications System (CCCS) FleetMap Info]]
Anaheim        -  '''North<br>'''           
*[[Countywide Coordinated Communications System (CCCS) Talkgroup Cell Assignments]]
Brea            -  '''Countywide<br>'''         
Buena Park      - '''Northwest<br>'''   
Costa Mesa      - '''South<br>'''                 
Cypress        - '''Northwest<br>'''         
Dana Point        -  '''South<br>'''           
Fountain Valley - '''Southwest<br>'''           
Fullerton      - '''North<br>'''               
Garden Grove    - '''Northwest<br>'''         
Huntington Beach - '''Southwest<br>'''           
Irvine          - '''South<br>'''       
Laguna Beach    - '''Laguna<br>'''       
La Habra        - '''Countywide<br>'''
La Palma        - '''Northwest<br>'''       
Laguna Hills        -  '''South<br> '''     
Laguna Niguel        -  '''South<br>'''       
Los Alamitos    - '''Northwest<br>'''       
Mission Viejo    - '''South<br>'''       
Newport Beach  -  '''South<br>'''
Orange        -  '''North<br>'''
Placentia      -  '''North<br>  '''
Rancho Santa Margarita        -  '''South<br>'''
San Clemente  - ''' South<br>'''
San Juan Capistrano      -  '''South<br>'''
Santa Ana      -  '''South<br>'''
Seal Beach    -  '''Southwest<br>'''
Stanton        -  '''Northwest<br>'''
Tustin        -  '''South <br>'''
Villa Park        -  '''North <br>'''
Westminster    -  '''Southwest<br>'''
Yorba Linda    -  '''North<br>'''
OC Animal Control    - ''' Countywide<br>'''
OC HCA/CMS/EMS    -  '''Countywide<br>'''
OC Environmental Health    -  '''Countywide<br>'''
OC JWA    -  '''South<br>'''
OC Parks    -  '''Countywide<br>'''
OC Public Works    -  '''Countywide<br>'''
OC SSA    -  '''Countywide<br>'''
OCTA    -  '''Countywide<br>'''
OC Waste & Recycling    -  '''Countywide<br>'''
'''Fire Talkgroup cell assignments'''<br>
==External Links==
All fire talkgroups are assigned to the Countywide Cell with the exception of the Fire Zone-1 talkgroups mentioned above and the following(decimal TG's shown in parentheses):<br>
* [ Orange County Sheriff's Office]
2-B (592)                                      -  Countywide/Carbon Canyon<br>
2-J (3536), 2-K (3568), 2-M (3632), 2-N (3664)  -  North<br>
3-A through 3-E (720, 752, 2224, 2256, 2288)    -  South<br>
3-J (3728), 3-K (3760)                          -  South<br>
4-J (4016), 4-K (4048)                          -  Northwest<br>
5-G (1680)                                      -  Laguna, Moorhead<br>
5-H (1712)                                      -  Laguna, Moorhead, South<br>
5-I (4208), 5-J (4240)                          -  South<br>
==Related Pages==
*[[Countywide Coordinated Communications System (CCCS) FleetMap Info]]
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Return to Wiki page: [[Trunked Radio Systems (CA)]]
Return to Wiki page: [[Trunked Radio Systems (CA)]]
[[Category:California Trunked Radio Systems]]
[[Category:California Deprecated Trunked Systems]]

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Public Trunked Radio System

NameCountywide Coordinated Communications System (CCCS)
OwnerOrange County
Owner TypePublic
CountryUnited States

System Details
TypeMotorola Type II SmartZone
Connect Tone90.00

FCC Callsign(s)
WNIB734, WNIB734, WNSS311, WPMX476, WPMX750, WPMX751, WPMX752, WPMZ467, WPMZ473, WPMZ480, WPMZ481, WPMZ485, WPMZ486, WPMZ511, WPMZ513, WPMZ774, WPMZ776, WPMZ991, WPMZ992, WPMZ993, WPMZ994, WPNP991, WPPA345, WPPA346, WPPA348, WPPA354, WPTB672, WPTB681, WPTD598, WQEC854, WQEC859, WQEG404, WQFV959, WQPM828, WQZ938

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