Franklin County (IL)

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Franklin County Government

  • 453.575 WQJS205 F 67.0 PL, 79.7 PL Fire: Transmit Link - 911 to Remote Towers (Christopher) (Tone Carrier)
    • May be have formerly been on license, but is no longer. NO LICENSE.

Franklin County Sheriff's Department

Provides Sheriff Patrol to entire county (see below for codes and units)

  • 453.48750 458.48750 WQBC935 RM FCJail Trans Sheriff: Jail/Prisoner Transport (Not in use 05/07)

Former Use

  • 154.99500 153.86000 WPTU427 RM 186.2 PL Frkn RurLaw Sheriff: Rural Dispatch - Buckner, Ewing, Orient, Thompsonville, Freeman Spur FMN Deprecated

Franklin County Emergency Management

Former Use

  • 453.92500 458.92500 WQGI325 RM 85.4 PL Frnkln EMA U EMA (System removed, no longer in use - Per EMA Director)

West Franklin County Central Dispatch

  • Police: Christopher (Ida 1-15), Buckner, Royalton (R1-6), Sesser (S1-6), Ziegler (Z1-21) Valier (V1) 151.2275 D223
  • Fire: Royalton, Ziegler, Christopher (520, 527, 536), Coello, Buckner, Valier, Sesser FPD.
  • Uses ISP disposition codes

Former Use 154.81500 153.96500 WPVN396 RM 103.5 PL FCCD LawW1 Police: Dispatch - West Rural [Ch 1] - Old FMN Deprecated

Southern Illinois Drug Task Force

The SIDTF is a multi-jurisdiction narcotics unit comprised of officers serving Franklin, Clinton, Saline, Washington and White Counties in Southern Illinois. Most narcotics operations are now conducted on the Starcom21 system, although the VHF frequencies listed below are still sometimes used for coordination and low-power car/car communications. • SIDTF Profile (437 kb .pdf)

Townships and Water Districts

Greenwood Creek Nation Water

  • 451.03750 KB78428 F GCNW WDD Greenwood Creek Nation Water: Data (CSQ) Telm (Expired)
  • 151.66500 WPEC598 BM GrCrkNtn WDD Greenwood Creek Nation Water FMN (Expired)


  • 153.51500 WQBL900 B RLCD WDD Rend Lake Conservancy District FMN (Expired)
  • 173.39625 WPPU538 F RLIWS WDD Rend Lake Intercity Water System Telm (Expired)

Municipalities and Districts


  • 153.51500 WQBL900 B RLCD WDD Rend Lake Conservancy District FMN Utilities
  • 173.39625 WPPU538 F RLIWS WDD Rend Lake Intercity Water System Telm (Expired)

Benton (City)

Benton is home to the Franklin County Sheriff's Department, Courthouse, Jail and Juvenile Detention Center. Benton also serves as home to the Federal Courthouse and Federal Office Building serving the Southern District of Illinois.

  • On license, no longer in use: 155.49 RM 158.895 192.8 PL; aslo 154.8 179.9 Old Simplex

Buckner (Village)

Buckner Police Department Dispatched by Central Dispatch

Buckner Volunteer Fire Department Dispatched by Central Dispatch

  • Units 601-607


  • 155.775 KNDV951 Fire (not heard in use 5/07, removed from DB 11/20

Ewing Northern (Townships) Fire Protection District

  • Serves Ewing, Macedonia
  • 154.235 WPAM382, 131.8 (License Terminated)

Freman Spur

Police patrol by Franklin & Williamson County Sheriff Fire by Williamson County FPD (154.37R/154.01 100.0)

Royalton (Village)

Royalton Police Department

  • Units R1-R9

Royalton Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department/ESDA

  • Webpage
  • Engine 701 - 2006 E One Truck
  • Engine 702 - 1999 Pierce
  • 704 - 2006 Cub Cadet Brush Rig
  • 70? - Rescue Truck (old Germantown rig)


Sesser Fire Protection District

Thompsonville (Village)

Fire by Cave-Eastern FPD Police patrol by Franklin County Sheriff

West Frankfort (City)

West Frankfort Fire Department

  • Serves West Frankfort, Orient

Zeigler (City)

  • WQSZ498 - Fire/Street - Base/Mobile on 154.07, 154.265, 154.3025, 155.055, 151.2125 (NFM)

Hospitals and EMS Agencies

Abbott Ambulance

  • Per EMA Director Ryan Buckingham: Abbott Ambulance Service will be temporaily using the Franklin County EMA's repeater frequency under the WQKS673 licence until their own reliable communications system is established.

Miners Memorial Health Center

United Mine Workers of America Hospital (West Frankfort)

Schools and Colleges

Ewing Northern CCSD 15

WQZS294 158.1675 Base/Mobile (NFM/DMR new 2017)

Zeigler-Royalton Community Unit School District #188

Website Zeigler Royalton Community High School, Zeigler Royalton Elementary School

Federal Goverment

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Rend Lake

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineer Rangers control all operations at the Rend Lake Federal Forest Preserve in Franklin and Jefferson counties. Rangers provide maintenance, Law Enforcement, fee collections and campground patrols. Law Enforcement efforts are assisted by the Franklin County Sheriff's Department. [ Rend Lake - US Army Corps of Engineers Website]

Unit Numbers, Codes, Maps and Images


County Sheriff

  • 28-1 (11/20)
  • 281-2859
  • 1362 (11/20)

Dispatches on 154.995 for

  • Buckner (B1-9)
  • Ewing (E1-2)
  • Freeman Spur (FS1)
  • Orient (Ocean1-2)
  • Thompsonville (TV1-2)

Radio Codes

106 Traffic Stop  A-citation issued V-Verbal Warning D-DUI Stop
101F Beginning of Shift
101 Back in Service
402 Off Duty, ending shift

C(harles) Citation Issued
V(ictor)  Verbal Warning
N(ora)    No Service
A(dam)    On Scene 

Franklin County Radio Codes

Franklin Co uses a scaled down version of TIPS codes which were adopted by ISP several years back.

These codes are used by the Franklin County Sheriff and all area city agencies (Benton, West City, West Frankfort, etc).

101F On duty, starting shift
101 Patrol
103 Accident
  103A arrived at accident
  103B continuation of accident/investigation/hospital
105 enroute Assist other agency
  105A Arrived to assist other agency
106 Traffic Stop
  106A Traffic citation or arrest
  106D DUI
  106V Drug Interdiction
109 Motorist Assist
109A Arrived Motorist Assist
110 Enroute to Jail or Court
  110A Jail
  110B Court
111 Enroute to call
  111A arrived at call
  111B continuation of call/investigations
113 Manhunt
  116 BA Testing 
  117 BA Testing Other Agency
213 Busy Available for call
  213T Out of Service
402 Off Duty
601 Training
859 Warrant or OP service
911A 911 Training
DAF DUI - aka "David Allen Frank"

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  • Benton Ham Repeater 146.805 -.6 mHz PL Tone 88.5
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