Glenview (IL) Public Safety Dispatch

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Glenview Public Safety Dispatch provides police and fire dispatch for communities in the north suburbs of Chicago, in Cook and Lake Counties from two facilities.

Services for Highland Park, Highwood, Lake Bluff and Lake Forest handled at the North Facility in Highland Park, all others at South Facility in Glenview. Most police agencies not already on SC21 will likely migrate there by the end of 2017

Some operations are on StarCom21 and many of the rest will likely migrate to SC21 soon. The Highland Park/Lake Forest area use a variety of linked VHF repeaters for police and fire while the "North Shore" communities (Winnetka, Glencoe etc.) operate on their UHF channels for now.

Agencies in Cook County, IL:

  • Glenview Police (SC21 3686)
  • Glenview Fire (SC21 3679)
  • Glencoe Police (470.6625)
  • Glencoe Fire (151.010)
  • Kenilworth Police (470.6625)
  • Morton Grove Police (SC21 3685) (Sometimes on 470.7125)
  • Niles Police (SC21 3685) (Sometimes on 470.7125)
  • Northfield Police (470.6625)
  • Winnetka Police (470.6625)

Agencies in Lake County, IL:

  • Grayslake Police (SC21)
  • Hainesville (police protection by Grayslake PD)
  • Highland Park Police (155.730)
  • Highland Park Fire (154.160)
  • Highwood Police (155.730, Fire protection by Highland Park FD)
  • Lake Bluff Police (155.4225)
  • Lake Bluff Fire (151.2125)
  • Lake Forest Police (151.3025)
  • Lake Forest Fire (154.8825)

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