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Consolidated Dispatch Centers

Cicero Dispatch Center (CCD)

  • Consolidated Emergency Response Center of Cook County (CERC-CC) - Cicero
  • 453.6625 repeater (NXDN) WREA717

E-Com Dispatch Center (Homewood)

Glenview Public Safety Dispatch Center (Glenview, Highland Park)

Glenview Public Safety Dispatch provides police and fire dispatch for communities in the north suburbs of Chicago, in Cook and Lake Counties from two facilities.

Services for Highland Park, Highwood, Lake Bluff and Lake Forest handled at the North Facility in Highland Park, all others at South Facility in Glenview.

Agencies in Cook County, IL:

  • Glenview Police (SC21 3686)
  • Glenview Fire (SC21 3679)
  • Glencoe Police (470.6625)
  • Glencoe Fire (151.010)
  • Kenilworth Police (470.6625)
  • Morton Grove Police (SC21 3685) (Sometimes on 470.7125)
  • Niles Police (SC21 3685) (Sometimes on 470.7125)
  • Northfield Police (470.6625)
  • Winnetka Police (470.6625)

Agencies in Lake County, IL:

  • Grayslake Police (SC21)
  • Hainesville (police protection by Grayslake PD)
  • Highland Park Police (155.730)
  • Highland Park Fire (154.160)
  • Highwood Police (155.730, Fire protection by Highland Park FD)
  • Lake Bluff Police (155.4225)
  • Lake Bluff Fire (151.2125)
  • Lake Forest Police (151.3025)
  • Lake Forest Fire (154.8825)

Municipal Consolidated Dispatch (MCD)

  • 7300 W Wilson Ave, Harwood Heights, IL; Website
  • Formed through inter-governmental agreement serves as the 911 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for the Villages of Harwood Heights, Norridge, and Schiller Park. MCD is responsible for receiving and dispatching emergency and non-emergency calls for service for the Harwood Heights, Norridge, and Schiller Park Police, Schiller Park Fire and Norwood Park Township Fire Protection District which provides Fire/EMS for Harwood Heights, Norridge, and Norwood Park Township, in addition to after-hours public works notifications for all three municipalities.
  • Began dispatching operations in Sep 2017 serving a population of approximately 35,000 residents. Equipped with state of the art Next Generation 911 equipment and digital trunked police radio system

Non-Emergency Numbers for service agencies:

  • Harwood Heights Police: (708) 867-4343 (Answered directly by MCD Dispatch)
  • Norridge Police: (708) 453-4770 (Auto Attendant, press 7 for MCD Dispatch)
  • Schiller Park Police: (847) 678-2425 (Answered directly by MCD Dispatch)
  • (847) 678-4794 (Auto Attendant, press 1 for MCD Dispatch)
  • Schiller Park Fire: (847) 678-5136 (Main Firehouse)
  • Norwood Park Fire: (708) 867-5428 (Main Firehouse)

Norcom - North Regional Telecommunications Network

  • North Regional Telecommunications Network --- is the organization that owns the radio communications infrastructure for several North Suburban and North Shore PDs.
  • Glenview Dispatch handles dispatch for Niles, Morton Grove, Glencoe, Kenilworth, Winnetka and Kenilworth on STARCOM21.
  • UHF operations have ended, all police dispatch is on STARCOM21.
  • Dispatch operations are on STARCOM21.
  • 470.9625 473.9625 KZU851 RM 192.8 PL Norcom APERN (Former) Areawide Police Emergency Radio Network [Ch 1/2] [Expired 5/21] FMN Deprecated 6/7/24
  • 155.250 KSA860 BM 162.2 PL Glenview*PD (Former) Glenview Police FMN Deprecated 6/7/24

Orland Central Dispatch

  • Fire-only center handling operations for several departments in the south and southwest suburbs. The dispatch center is at Orland FPD Station 1 in Orland Park.
  • Communications for the Combined Agencies Response Team (Trench Rescues), SW Haz-Mat Response Center and MABAS Division 22 operations are also handled by Orland Central. See Kendall County

Dispatches for the following agencies: - Country Club Hills FD (13, 14, reportedly switching to E-Com in June 2024), Orland FPD (1-7), Oak Forest FD (39, 40), Palos FPD (9, 10) on 159.045 DPL 343 - Blue Island FD (2100s) , Garden Homes FPD (2500s), Merrionette Park FD (2600s) on 154.070 DPL 271 (repeats 158.8575) - Calumet City FD (11, 12) on 154.340 PL 114.8 - Lemont FPD (900s) on 155.385 PL 192.8 - Chicago Heights FD (650-687) on 155.085 PL 156.7 - MABAS Division dispatch for 19 (primary), 22 (back-up) and 24 (back-up).

Orland Park Fire Protection District Website

  • 7/11 - FCC modification to WPMQ284:
  • add 154.070 base at Blue Island (repeats 158.8575 271 DPL)
  • add 159.045 base/mobile at Oak Forest
  • keep 159.045, 158.8575R at Orland Park
  • add 155.3025 base/mobile at Orland Park
  • delete 159.045 base at Lockport, Mokena, Peotone, Romeoville

Orland Central Dispatch 159.045 DCS 343 is also used for siren activation by DTMF

NORCOMM Public Safety Communications / MABAS Division 20 (Franklin Park)

  • NORCOMM Public Safety Communications is owned and operated by Superior Ambulance Company, which provides EMS service for several area communities as well as private ambulance service. They also serve as MABAS Division 20 and staff dispatch centers in other communities. Not to be confused with Norcom, a shared infrastructure police network in the north suburbs. Superior Ambulance Website
  • NORCOMM dispatches for the following agencies: Bellwood, Elmwood Park, Franklin Park, Melrose Park, River Grove, Rosemont and Stone Park (both fire/EMS and police) as well as Elk Grove Township, Leyden and Northlake Fire Protection Districts.

2/24 License modification by Melrose Park Village

  • Melrose Park -- Current: 470.9625, 470.3375 100W Repeaters; 2/24 Add: 470.7625, 471.2875 100W Repeaters WROB948

Legacy Information

  • 470.4125 (192.8) Net 17a - former Police Dispatch for Bellwood (300s), now on STARCOM21 encrypted talkgroup 25311 (Net 17).
  • 470.825 (192.8) Net 17b - former(?) tactical comms for Net 17a agencies.
  • All former Net 17 PDs also have access to the old Net 17 side (155.64).
  • 471.2375 (146.2) Net 16 - Police Dispatch for Franklin Park (8000s), Melrose Park (1100s), River Grove (600s) and Stone Park (1200s).
  • All towns in this group have a shared channel, "old band"-155.49 (D723). Used for C-C by area departments.

MABAS Division 20

  • Bellwood Fire Department - 600s (BLWD) - Dispatched by Norcomm on 154.37
  • Bensenville Fire Protection District - Stations 107 & 108 (BENV) - Dispatched by Addison Consolidated Dispatch Center
  • Berkeley Fire Department - 300s - Dispatched by Cook County on 154.37
  • Broadview Fire Department - Station 7 (BRDV) - Dispatched by Eisenhower Emergency Communications "Ike 911" on 154.37
  • Elmwood Park Fire Department - 900s - Dispatched by Norcomm on 154.37
  • Franklin Park Fire Department - Engine 1, Engine 2, Engine 3, Ladder 2 or Truck 2 (FRPK) - Dispatched by Norcomm
  • Hillside Fire Department - 400s (HLSD) - Self-dispatched on 154.370
  • Leyden Fire Protection District - 130s (LEYD) - Dispatched by Norcomm on 154.37
  • Maywood Fire Department - 500s (MAYD) - Dispatched by Eisenhower Emergency Communications "Ike 911" on 154.37
  • Melrose Park Fire Department - 700s (MLPK) - Dispatched by Norcomm on 154.37
  • Northlake Fire Protection District - 800s (NTLK) - Dispatched by Norcomm on 154.37
  • Norwood Park Fire Protection District - 100s (NOPK) - Dispatched by Municipal Consolidated Dispatch (MCD) on 154.37 (covers Norridge and Harwood Heights)
  • Park Ridge Fire Department (PKRG) - Dispatched by RED Center
  • River Grove Fire Department - 560s (RVGR) - Dispatched by Norcomm on 154.37
  • Rosemont Fire Department - 150s (RSMT) - Dispatched by Norcomm on STARCOM21 talkgroup 35130 w/patch to 154.340 legacy channel
  • Schiller Park Fire Department - Station 5 (SHPK) - Dispatched by Municipal Consolidated Dispatch (MCD) on 154.37
  • Westchester Fire Department - Stations 25 &26 (WEST) - Dispatched by Hillside on 154.37
  • 153.5R - Division 20 backup repeater if the portables can not raise Norcomm on simplex. Other channels in the line up consist of 153.83 Fireground Red, Superior Direct 155.220(?), 154.265 IFERN for Box Alarms, Fireground White, Blue and Black.
  • Bellwood OEM 630 is used as the MABAS Division 20 command van. This is a large RV that that has been redone with radios in the rear and a command area in the front. Bellwood also has unit 627 which is used as the MABAS Division 20 rehab vehicle.
  • 154.37 Call Outs Everyday Tuesday at 1800 for pager and alerting receivers.
  • Stone Park Fire Department - Station 21 (STPK) disbanded in April, 2020 and now covered by Melrose Park Fire.

Northwest Central Dispatch

RED Center

Southwest Central Dispatch

  • Website
  • 154.025, 158.745 mobiles (PD car-to-car?), 155.5575 base (paging, also Oak Lawn Central Dispatch fire repeater frequency) WNDG304
  • Net 7 - Palos Heights PD (1100s), Palos Park PD (1200s, dispatched by Cook County on STARCOM21?), Palos Hills PD (1300s), Chicago Ridge PD (1400s)..
  • Net 9 - Lemont PD (3800s)
  • 155.19 (CSQ), 158.745, 154.875, 155.145 and 154.025 have been reported for car to car, public works and village administration for many of these communities.
  • WNYE736 -- repeaters located at Palos Heights (Cook), Lemont (Cook), Willowbrook (DuPage), Mokena (Will)
  • 154.070 271 DPL agencies dispatched: Crestwood FD (2300s) and Palos Heights FPD (6400s)
  • 155.5575 91.5 PL agencies dispatched: Chicago Ridge FD (6500s), North Palos FPD (Battalion 8, 800s) and Roberts Park FPD (31s, 32s)

West Central Consolidated Communications (WC3) (North Riverside)

  • Website
  • Dispatch agency for the Villages of Riverside, North Riverside, Brookfield, and McCook. Consolidated 9-1-1 system that can efficiently and effectively deliver 9-1-1 requests and Police, Fire and EMS dispatch professionally and affordably
  • 151.340, repeats 159.105; 155.6175, repeats 155.070 (both NFM) WRUN399 Build-out extension 8/23 saying system will not be complete until spring 2024
  • 2/24 add 155.6175 Repeater with 28-25W mobiles Template:CallsignWRUN399 at North Riverside

West Suburban Consolidated Dispatch Center - WestCom (River Forest)

  • Website
  • Dispatches Police and Fire for Forest Park, Oak Park and River Forest.
  • Fire unit IDs: 200s River Forest Fire, 400s Forest Park Fire, 600s Oak Park Fire.
  • Police unit IDs: 1100s River Forest Police, 2200s Forest Park Police, 5000s Oak Park Police
  • 2024 Memo from the Oak Park Police Chief about law enforcement streaming, encryption and STARCOM21 PDF

MABAS Divisions

MABAS Division 20

  • WQMP765 - 154.37, 154.265 Base/Mobile at Hillside/Franklin Park

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