Cook County (IL) EMS Agencies

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Cook Co. (IL) Ambulance Services

1st Response E.M.S.

  • 6017-6027 S. Wentworth Ave. between W. 60th St. & W. 61st St.,Chicago

AMR - New Lenox

  • (former Kurtz Ambulance Service)  Website
  •  Provides EMS for Tinley Park Fire Dispatched by E-Com
    • Began Service for Tinley Park in 2014
  • Provides IFT (Inter Facility Transfers for facilities/hospitals in the metro area)
    • (formerly served Riverdale Fire)

Advance Ambulance

    • HQ - 6235 Howard St. - Croname Rd.,Niles (HQ is inside an Office Bldg.)
    • Chicago Sta. - 5567 N. Elston Ave. across from N. Long Ave.,Chicago (WPSD758)

Advanced Critical Transport

  • 8940 Ogden Ave. (aka US-34) between Sunnyside Ave. & Vernon Ave.,Brookfield (WPVY673)

ATI Ambulance Inc.

  • 2815-2819 S. Stewart Ave. across from W. 29th St.,Chicago (WPYW500)

Blackhawk Medical Transport

  • 8040 185th St. - S. 80th Ave.,Tinley Park (Will Co.) (WPQC695)

Bud's Ambulance Service

E.R. Ambulance Inc

  • Current Sta. - 7355 S. Exchange Ave. between E. 73rd Pl. & E. 74th St.,Chicago
    • former Sta. - 7427 S. Ashland Ave. between W. 74th St. & Railroad Bridge,Chicago

Medical Express Ambulance Service

  • 5640-5650 Howard St., Parkside Ave.,Skokie (WPMQ565)

Paramedic Services of Illinois

  • 9815 Lawrence Ave. between Ruby St. & 25th Ave.,Schiller Park