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Grady County Law Enforcement

  • Grady County Sheriff Dispatch uses three repeaters (North, South and Central) on 155.130MHz. These use separate Digital PL's on the same input frequency (159.105MHz). North Tower is 125 DPL, Central Tower is 261 DPL and South Tower is 315 DPL.
  • Grady County Sheriff Units are Grady-** (primary dispatch is on 155.130mhz)
  • Grady County Reserve Deputies are Grady-1**
  • Chickasha PD Units are in the 300's (Dispatch is on the state trunked system)
  • Tuttle PD Units are in the 200's (Tuttle Dispatch is on 155.9325MHz)
  • Amber PD Units are Central-8* (Dispatched by "County" on 155.130MHz)
  • Minco PD Units are Central-3* (Dispatched by "County" on 155.130MHz)
  • Verden PD Units are Central-4* (Dispatched by "County" on 155.130MHz)
  • Ninnekah PD Units are Central-5* (Dispatched by "County" on 155.130MHz)
  • Alex PD Units are Central-6* (Dispatched by "County" on the 155.130MHz)
  • Rush Springs PD Units are Central-7* (Dispatched by "County" 155.130MHz)

Grady County Fire and EMS

  • Chickasha Fire and EMS are on the Oklahoma state trunked system
  • Bridge Creek FD Units are 400's (Dispatched by Grady County on 152.2175MHz)
  • Tuttle Fire Units are 500's (Tuttle Dispatch is on 154.400MHz)
  • Tuttle EMS Units are 600's -- (also serves Minco, Amber, Bridge Creek)
  • Minco Fire Units are 900's (Dispatched by "County" on 154.815MHz)
  • Ninnekah FD --Unknown (Dispatched by "County" on 154.815MHz)
  • Amber FD -- Unknown (Dispatched by "County" on 154.815MHz)
  • Verden FD --Unknown (Dispatched by "County" on 154.815MHz)
  • Alex FD --Unknown (Dispatched by "County" on 154.815MHz)
  • Minco FD --Unknown (Dispatched by "County" on 154.815MHz)
  • Rush Springs FD --Unknown (Dispatched by "County" on 154.815MHz)
  • Rush Springs EMS (Unknown ---Dispatched by "County" on 154.815MHz)
  • Friend FD --Unknown (Dispatched by "County" on 154.815MHz)
  • Cox City FD --Unknown (Dispatched by "County" on 154.815MHz)