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==Fire stations==
==Fire stations==

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Fire stations

Station Department
Station 2 Mount Victory Fire
Station 3 Jackson Forest Fire
Station 4 Northern Hardin Fire (Dunkirk)
Station 5 Ada Liberty Fire
Station 6 Alger Fire
Station 7 Kenton Fire
Station 8 Ridgeway Fire {Dispatched by Logan County on 154.355 PL 192.8}
Station 9 McGuffey Fire
Station 10 Roundhead Fire
Station 11 Richland Twp Fire {Dispatched by Logan County on 154.355 PL 192.8}

EMS stations

Number Location
Squad 01 BKP EMS
Squad 02 Southeast Hardin EMS
Squad 03 Forest EMS
Squad 04 Dunkirk EMS
Squad 05 Ada EMS
Squad 06 Upper Scioto Valley EMS (Alger, Roundhead & McGuffey)