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== TGID's and Talkgroups ==
#REDIRECT [[Hartford (City) Radio ID's]]
== Codes ==
Hartford officers, dispatcher and other city employees are assigned a code, this code is used to identify an employee (officer) on reports, on paper, in databases etc. HPD officer's names can be paired with a code on the Hartford Police official website under 'Arrest Log'.
== I-Calls ==
These codes can be converted to I-Call ID's for use with an EDACS trunk tracking scanner or UniTrunker for PC.
As an example the HPD I-Call ''ID'' i07910 would be converted to the ''code'' J10
'''The 1st''' digit 'i' stands for I-Call
'''The 2nd''' and 3rd digits '07' identify a handheld or car radio. Each department has their assigned numbers for what type of radio it is. See Below for more info on department radios.
'''The 3rd''' digit represents the officer's duration on the job in reverse order. From a new hire (9) to 20+ years on the job (0).
'''The 4th and 5th''' digits is an assigned number that remains the same from hire through their career unless there is a special circumstance where it needs to be changed. 
* '''Handheld''' = '''07'''xxx  where x is the 3 digit officer's code  (''i07910'')
* '''Patrol Vehicle''' = 0'''18'''xx where x is the 2 digit Unit #      (''i01834'')
* '''Spare Patrol Vehicle''' = 0'''19'''xx where x is the 2 digit Spare Unit # (''i01902'')
* '''Supervisor & Other Vehicles''' = '''14'''xxx & '''15'''xxx where x is the 3 digit Supervisor Unit Number (''i14220'')
* '''Dispatcher''' = 00'''8'''xx where x is the dispatch unit # (''i00801'')
== Mobile Units ==
Car 1 i01801
Car 4 i01804
Car 5 i01805
Car 8 i01808
Car 9 i01809
Car 10 i01810
Car 11 i01811
Car 12 i01812
Car 13 i01813
Car 15 i01815
Car 16 i01816
Car 17 i01817
Car 18 i01818
Car 19 i01819
Car 20 i01820
Car 22 i01822
Car 24 i01824
Car 25 i01825
Car 26 i01826
Car 27 i01827
Car 61 i01861
Car 67 i01867
Car 110 i14110
Car 130 i14130
Car 201 i14201
Car 202 i14202
Car 210 i14210
Car 278 i14278
Car 378 i14378
Car 410 i14410
Car 455 i14455
Car 478 i14478
Car new403 i15403
Car 221 i14221
Car 332 i14332
Car 672 i14672
Car 678 i14678
Car new403 i15403
Car 310 i14310
Car 155 i14155
Car 141 i14141
Spare 10 i01910
Spare 13 i01913
Spare 15 i01915
Spare 8 i01908
Dispatch 801 i00801
Dispatch 813 i00813
Dispatch 814 i00814
Dispatch 821 i00821
Distpatch 822 i00822
== I-Call ID's ==
i07032 A32
i07010 A10
i07081 A81
i07068 A68
i07013 A13
i07194 B94
i07159 B59
i07134 B34
i07141 B41
i07117 B17
i07180 B80
i07160 B60
i07118 B18
i07182 B82
i07192 B92
i07127 B27
i07157 B57
i07191 B91
i07321 D21
i07351 D51
i07352 D52
i07357 D57
i07382 D82
i07352 D52
i07330 D30
i07390 D90
i07394 D94
i07344 D44
i07349 D49
i07399 D99
i07390 D90
i07437 E37
i07428 E28
i07408 E08
i07413 E13
i07409 E09
i07476 E76
i07474 E74
i07437 E37
i07420 E20
i07439 E39
i07495 E95
i07472 E72
i07473 E73
i07477 E77
i07457 E57
i07476 E76
i07415 E15
i07495 E95
i07488 E88
i07470 E70
i07435 E35
i07408 E08
i07453 E53
i07422 E22
i07463 E63
i07609 G09
i07640 G40
i07682 G82
i07688 G88
i07638 G38
i07639 G39
i07688 G88
i07692 G92
i07624 G24
i07699 G99
i07650 G50
i07684 G84
i07631 G31
i07626 G26
i07622 G22
i07612 G12
i07643 G43
i07651 G51
i07633 G33
i07654 G54
i07738 H38
i07770 H70
i07725 H25
i07719 H19
i07737 H37
i07797 H97
i07797 H05
i07777 H77
i07790 H90
i07710 H10
i07706 H06
i07749 H49
i07760 H60
i07759 H59
i07768 H68
i07701 H01
i07789 H89
i07734 H34
i07739 H39
i07724 H24
i07766 H66
i07758 H58
i07759 H59
i07741 H41
i07707 H07
i07789 H89
i07756 H56
i07752 H52
i07793 H93
i07762 H62
i07865 I65
i07890 I90
i07839 I39
i07898 I98
i07818 I18
i07863 I63
i07895 I95
i07811 I11
i07867 I67
i07829 I29
i07857 I57
i07899 I99
i07835 I35
i07882 I82
i07845 I45
i07803 I03
i07829 I29
i07839 I39
i07836 I36
i07853 I53
i07873 I73
i07889 I89
i07849 I49
i07823 I23
i07846 I46
i07896 I96
i07802 I02
i07809 I09
i07822 I22
i07846 I46
i07881 I81
i07820 I20
i07856 I56
i07890 I90
i07838 I38
i07860 I60
i07870 I70
i07873 I73
i07844 I44
i07841 I41
i07883 I83
i07829 I29
i07895 I95
i07891 I91
i07907 J07
i07973 J73
i07929 J29
i07951 J51
i07932 J32
i07960 J60
i07905 J05
i07907 J07
i07943 J43
i07937 J37
i07971 J71
i07918 J18
i07919 J19
i07964 J64
i07965 J65
i07938 J38
i07927 J27
i07910 J10
i07970 J70
i07909 J09
i07906 J06
i07931 J31
i07926 J26
i07901 J01
i07902 J02
i07933 J33
i07941 J41
i07934 J34
i07956 J56
i07903 J03
i07972 J72
i07925 J25
i07920 J20
i07967 J67
i07960 J60
i07932 J32
i07963 J63
i07932 J62
i07922 J22
i07954 J54
i07971 J71
i07964 J64
i07926 J26
i07901 J01
i07968 J68
i07920 J20
i07933 J33
i07942 J42
i07912 J12
i07907 J07

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