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Single-band mobile amateur radio transceiver.

General information

The IC-2200H retains a familiar user interface to the IC-2100H. The large tuning dial provides easy access to active channels even without looking at the front panel. Secondary functions are easily recalled by holding the appropriate button.

A MOS-FET power amplifier provides 65W* of stable output power. A one piece, aluminum chassis helps to keep the transceiver cool and provides durable long-lasting construction. - Taken from ICOM Website


  • TX
    • 144-148MHz
  • RX
    • 118-174 MHz
  • Power
    • 5,10,25,65 Watts
  • 207 Memory Channels
  • 24 DTMF autodial memories
  • DTMF code squelch and pager function with optional DTMF decoder, UT-108
  • Weather channel with weather alert function
  • FM narrow mode switchable
  • Depending on version
  • Selectable squelch delay
  • Built-in 10dB squelch attenuator
  • Optional Digital unit


  • Antenna SO-239
  • Microphone 8-pin Modular
  • External Speaker 3-Conductor 1/8"
  • Rear Data Jack



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