MedStar EMS (IL)

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  • Served Southern Illinois since 1981 (currently serving Randolph, St Clair, Clinton and Madison Counties)
Our Internationally Accredited and Illinois licensed Emergency Medical Dispatch Center. Sits at the heart of our first interactions with people summoning Emergency Medical Services for Emergency and Non Emergency Medical transportation. We are integrated with Randolph County Next Generation 911 to provide all Emergency Medical Dispatch instruction as well a providing this to all areas we service.

We are equipped with The Illinois Starcom21 Radio Communications system capable of Statewide coverage for everyday use and to enhance our disaster preparedness response wherever we may be summoned to assist throughout the state.

Our fleet of GPS Tracked Emergency Medical Service Vehicles integrated into our Computer Aided Dispatch provides our Emergency Medical Dispatchers a complete view of all Emergency Medical Service vehicles to better serve the public with the closest Emergency Medical Service vehicle to meet their needs.
  • Freeburg/Swansea/Belleville (618) 234-3088 Fairview Heights (618) 398-8833 Cahokia (618) 332-3088
  • Serves Baldwin, eastern half of Belleville, Cahokia Heights, Carlyle, Chester, East Carondelet, East St. Louis, Fairview Heights, Freeburg, Lebanon, Marissa, Prairie Du Rocher, Red Bud, Sauget, Shiloh (unincorporated area), Sparta, Steeleville, Swansea, Washington Park (Largest service in the MetroEast - operates 31 rigs in 3 counties)
  • Mutual Aid with - Abbot EMS, Dupo EMS, Mascoutah EMS, Millstadt EMS, Monroe Co EMS, OFallon EMS,
  • Ambulances/Units: (Plates: 4 837 xx 05,11,15,24) BLS 64, 65, 101 ALS 34,68,70,71,72,73,74,75,76,77*,78,79 (St. Clair County units)
  • not heard some are back-up vehicles Medivan Units: 43, 4447, 455, 4474 ?? Other units: 101 Utility van (used by janitor)


  • Sparta (Randolph)
    • ALS 4G25-main, 4G24-main, 4G21-backup Red Bud ALS 4G18-main, 4G26-backup
  • Red Bud (Randolph)
  • Chester (Randolph) ALS 4G20-main, 4G16-backup
  • Steeleville (Randolph)
  • Swansea (St Clair) ALS, 1209 N. Illinois Street
  • Belleville (St Clair) ALS, 610 East Main Street:
    • 4c73 "73"
    • 4c74 "74"
    • 4c75 "75"
    • 4c76 "76"
  • Cahokia Heights (St Clair) ALS (Formerly Braun Ambulance Service) Primary service area = Cahokia Heights, East Carondelet, Sauget
    • 4c78 "78"
  • East St Louis (St Clair)
  • Fairview Heights (St Clair) ALS
  • Freeburg (St Clair) ALS (Located at Freeburg VFD)
  • Lebanon (St Clair)
    • 4c68 "68"
  • SAFB (St. Clair)
  • Washington Park (St Clair)
  • Madison (City in Madison County)
  • Carlyle (Clinton)

Advanced Life Support

  • Notes: Operate 3 - 24 hour ALS trucks with one in Chester, Red Bud, and Sparta along with a 12 hour BLS truck in Steeleville which is a call out truck at night. The Steeleville base can turn into an ALS truck during the day and also a BLS backup for the nights. The three ALS bases also have a backup ALS truck that can be staffed at busy times or mass causality situations.

Basic Life Support

  • "100" series trucks - BLS & Transfers only
    • 4c101 "101"
    • 4c104 "104"


  • 4c69 "69" - Roaming Supervisor


Former 900 MHz (possibly still in use)

  • 938.975 D074 Local Repeater (in use Fairview Heights 11/19/17)
  • 939.075 D026 WQEG97 M EMS: Unit-to-Unit
  • 936.00000 897.00000 WPXG657 RM 074 DPL MedStar 9-C EMS: Dispatch - Local (Carlyle) FM EMS Dispatch

Former/Unidentified Frequencies

  • These were previously listed on the statewide page
462.95000	467.95000	WPAZ773	RM		MedStar Med9	ALS/BLS Ops (Carlyle-Clinton Co)	FMN	EMS Dispatch
462.97500	467.97500	WPEC738	RM		MedStr Med10	ALS/BLS Ops (Carlyle-Clinton Co)	FMN	EMS Dispatch
155.22000	 	KNBN596	BM		MedStrSparta	EMS: Dispatch (Sparta-Randolph)	FMN	EMS-Tac