Monmouth County (NJ) Specialized Teams

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Specialized Teams

Monmouth County Haz Mat Team

Dispatched via Nextel and operates on either County Fire 2 or County Channel 8. Unit numbers are 69H1, 69H2, 69H3, etc.

Monmouth County SCART Team (Serious Collision Analysis Response Team)

The SCART Team responds to fatal and serious motor vehicle accidents in Monmouth County. It is comprised of officers from various muncipalities as well as members of the County Prosecutor's Office who are specially trained in accident reconstruction. Communications are via Nextel and/or County Car Channel.

MOCERT (Monmouth County Emergency Response Team)

MOCERT (Monmouth County Emergency Response Team) webpage


Area Network of Shore Water Emergency Responders. It is comprised of volunteers from Avon, Bradley Beach, Neptune City, and Neptune Twp. It responds to water emergencies in the four municipalities, as well as Ocean Grove, and provides mutual aid response to other municipalities when requested.

Dispatching is as follows:

Avon - Fire/EMS Dispatch Channel (154.3400 PL 173.8 - Neptune Twp. Fire Dispatch Channel)

Bradley Beach - EMS Dispatch Channel (154.2425 DPL 612)

Neptune City - Fire/EMS Dispatch Channel (155.100 PL 94.8)

Neptune Twp. - Dispatch on OEM Channel (158.8650 DPL 074). Ops on ANSWER Channel (155.355 DPL 074)

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