Nebraska State Radio System

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System Information

The Nebraska Wireless Interoperable Network (N-WIN) is a statewide VHF P25 trunking system. Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) Troops C, D and E and the western portions of Troop B area is completed and is currently using the system. Sites in the Troop A and Troop HQ area are slated to be completed by Spring of 2011

System Users

  • Nebraska State Patrol (NSP)
  • Nebraska Emergency Management (NEMA)
  • Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
  • Nebraska Public Power District

Programming the system

  • To program this system into your scanner you will need a scanner that will do P25 trunking system, 9600 baud control channel.
  • Uniden XT models, Radio Shack Pro 106 and 197 and GRE PSR 500 and PSR 600 scanners program the system as a P25 trunking system. Then program the control channels into your scanner.
  • Uniden 996T and 396T program the system as a motorola type 2/P25. Under the site select APCO25. Then program the control channel, no band plan needed.
  • Uniden 296 and 796 you will need to program the scanner as a motorola VHF trunking system. Program the frequencies and you will need a bandplan.

Set your scanner for no delay on the system as NSP jumps from talk group to talk group. Even if you have a one second delay you will miss a reply. Some of the talk groups are not used yet and could be set up at a later date, what I heard and posted was at the beginning of system during testing. The 1st time I heard TG 3117 in use was on 05-25-10. That talkgroup is assigned to the Fire Marshall.

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