Nebraska State Radio System

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Public Trunked Radio System

NameNebraska State Radio System
OwnerNebraska State
Owner TypePublic
Countiesstatewide / all
CountryUnited States

System Details
BandVHF 800
TypeProject 25 Phase I
ID144 B8F

FCC Callsign(s)
WQJV310, WQKE397, WQKE398, WQKE400, WQKF222, WQKF349, WQKF820, WQKG266, WQKG390, WQKG773, WQKH306, WQKJ316, WQKJ317, WQKJ601, WQKK523, WQLH574, WQLQ288, WQLQ289, WQLR678, WQLV342, WQLV343, WQLV548, WQLV722, WQLW422, WQLX302, WQLY614, WQMB260, WQMB886, WQMK466, WQMM515, WQMP742, WQMR225, WQMR764, WQMR845, WQMS284, WQMY305, WQMZ528, WQNE867, WQNF360, WQNF676, WQNI466, WQNL400, WQNN610, WQNT599, WQPM982, WQPM987, WQPN200, WQPV893, WQPX201, WQPX202, WQPX729, WQSG764, WQSK445, WQTN423, WQYM950, WQYM951, WQYN480, WRAF609, WRAF779, WRCI529, WRDJ589, WRDW943, WRKY783, WRNT365

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Welcome to the Nebraska State Radio System collaboration article, a Statewide Public Trunked Radio System located in all Counties, Nebraska, United States.
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System Information

The Nebraska State Radio System (NSRS) (previously listed here as the Nebraska Wireless Interoperable Network (N-WIN)), is a statewide VHF P25 Smartzone IP based trunking radio system. N-WIN is a partnership and an Executive Order with the State of Nebraska and Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD), whom NPPD provides technical support and tower space.

There are over 45 towers across the state providing seamless coverage across the State of Nebraska.


System Users

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  • Lincoln County, Ne Sheriff
  • Nebraska State Patrol (NSP)
  • Nebraska State Fire Marshall (NMF)
  • Nebraska Emergency Management (NEMA)
  • Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
  • Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD)
  • Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT)
  • Nebraska Department of Corrections (NDOC)
  • Lincoln Electric Systems (LES)
  • Lincoln Police Department (LPD)
  • Lancaster County Sheriff (LSO)
  • Lincoln Fire & Rescue (LFR)
  • ALL Lincoln Hospitals (Bryan West, Bryan East, Saint E's, NHI)
  • Butler County Sheriff
  • Colfax County Sheriff
  • Gage County Sheriff
  • Madison County Sheriff-Future User
  • Norfolk Police, Fire and Public Works-Future users 800Mhz (possibly Phase 2)
  • Platte County Sheriff
  • Seward County Sheriff
  • Seward PD

Possible future subscribers

These agencies have been mentioned as possible future users of NWIN.

  • Federal Government, FBI, DEA, ICE, etc.
  • Keith County, Nebraska.
  • Various unidentified City/County agencies

Status on the Nebraska SRS:

04/13/2020: Lincoln has been using the system since the end of 2019 full-time for their Police, Fire and EMS services. Hospital traffic from the old EDACS system, along with LFR Station Alerting, is still being bridged to the new P25 site. City agencies have also been seen on the system, and it's likely that EDACS will become fully depreciated in the near future.

All NSP/NPPD/NEMA districts are currently online full-time and using the SRS.

Nebraska Dept of Roads, Corrections and Game/Parks: Radios have been purchased and installation is currently in progress. New talkgroups and testing has been reported in the NSP Troop C area.

Unconfirmed Frequencies

This attachment to the FCC final buildout notification from June 11, 2019 for 700 MHz State License WPTZ786 has a list of 700 MHz channels used for DVRS (Digital Vehicular Repeater System) and other uses throughout the state.

769.15625/799.15625 NSP DVRS 1 (in database. NAC 293)
769.20625/799.20625 NSP DVRS 2
769.40625/799.40625 NSP DVRS 3
769.45625/799.45625 NSP DVRS 4 (in database. NAC 293)
769.16875/799.16875 NSP DVRS 5
769.19375/799.19375 NSP DVRS 6
769.43125/799.43125 NSP DVRS 7
769.44375/799.44375 NSP DVRS 8
769.21875/799.21875 NSP DVRS 9
769.41875/799.41875 NSP DVRS 10
769.46875/799.46875 NSP DVRS 11 CAP SEC
769.68125/799.68125 NSP CAP SEC 12
769.90625/799.90625 NSP EP 13
770.15625/800.15625 NSP Conventional Secure
770.18125/800.18125 NSP Conventional Secure
770.20625/800.20625 NSP Conventional Secure
769.91875/799.91875 AG VRX MO/MO3
769.18125/799.18125 DMV DVRS
769.70625/799.70625 OCIO DVRS
769.65625/799.65625 SFM DVRS
769.95625/799.95625 NPPD MO3
773.79375/803.79375 NPPD MO3
770.46875/800.46875 State DVRS/Iowa Coordination
770.65625/800.65625 State DVRS/Iowa Coordination
770.66875/800.66875 State DVRS/Iowa Coordination
770.68125/800.68125 State DVRS/Iowa Coordination
770.69375/800.68125 State DVRS/Iowa Coordination
770.69375/800.69375 State DVRS/Iowa Coordination
770.70625/800.70625 State DVRS/Iowa Coordination
770.71875/800.71875 State DVRS/Iowa Coordination
770.90625/800.90625 State DVRS/Iowa Coordination
770.91875/800.91875 State DVRS/Iowa Coordination
770.93125/800.93125 State DVRS/Iowa Coordination
770.94375/800.94375 State DVRS/Iowa Coordination
770.95625/800.95625 State DVRS/Iowa Coordination
770.96875/800.96875 State DVRS/Iowa Coordination

This attachment to an FCC build out notification from 2014 for 700 MHz State License WPTZ786 has a list of 700 MHz channels used for DVRS (Digital Vehicular Repeater System) and other uses.

769.15625/799.15625 State DVRS
769.18125/799.18125 State DVRS
769.20625/799.20625 State DVRS
769.40625/799.40625 State DVRS
769.45625/799.45625 State DVRS
769.70625/799.70625 State DVRS
769.95625/799.95625 NPPD MO3
770.15625/800.15625 State LE
770.18125/800.18125 State LE
770.20625/800.20625 State LE
773.79375/803.79375 NPPD MO3

Unconfirmed Talkgroups

50904  Buffalo Co - Kearney PD LE 2 SEC
50906  Buffalo Co - UNK 1
50907  Buffalo Co - UNK 2 SEC
50945  Buffalo Co - KPS TRANSPORT 2
57800  Deuel Co - 78 DISP 1 
60164  Site 96  Encrypted

Confirmed from APX codeplug

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