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{{Minnesota Infobox
|County            = Nicollet
|County            = Nicollet
|FIPS County Number = 103
|FIPS County Number = 103
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|19xx||Saint Peter Police Officers
|19xx||Saint Peter Police Officers
|7xx||North Mankato Police Officers
|7xx||Saint Peter Police Reserve Officers, North Mankato Police Officers
|5xx||Saint Peter Fire Department
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[[Category:Minnesota Fire Services]]
[[Category:Minnesota Law Enforcement]]
[[Category:Minnesota Medical]]
[[Category:Minnesota Station IDs]]
[[Category:Minnesota Trunking Information]]

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Nicollet County, Minnesota
FIPS County Number 103
County Seat Saint Peter
MSP District 2200
MSP HQ City Mankato
MSP CVI District 4720
Mn/DOT District 7
DNR Enforcement District 17
ARMER Zone 3
EMS Region South Central
FBI Division Minneapolis
FBI Resident Agency Mankato
Nicollet County database
Minnesota Forum

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Law Enforcement Agencies

The Nicollet County Sheriff's Department is the 911 PSAP. They dispatch for most of the agencies within the county. The Saint Peter Police Department runs a dispatch center for their Police Officers and will also dispatch for the Saint Peter Fire Department on occasion.

Law Enforcement Radio Call Sign's

Unit ID User
23xx Sheriff's Deputies
19xx Saint Peter Police Officers
7xx Saint Peter Police Reserve Officers, North Mankato Police Officers
5xx Saint Peter Fire Department

Fire Departments


Emergency Medical Services


Nicollet County is served by several Ambulance services which are based inside and outside of the County.

ARMER Migration


  • Status - Planning to Migrate to ARMER
  • Sites and Status:
Site ID Site Name Status Lat. Long.
3-043 Nicollet ARMERMW.jpg 44:21:04.3 94:12:35.6
3-043 Saint Peter ARMEROA.jpg 44:18:23.8 93:59:06.3