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173001-Bladen SO Dispatcher
173001-Bladen SO Dispatcher
'''Camden County'''
1390051- Camden Sheriff Dispatcher

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Counties using VIPER

Bladen County

173001-Bladen SO Dispatcher

Camden County

1390051- Camden Sheriff Dispatcher

Cumberland County

529992- Cumb. CO EMS Dispatcher

529999-CCSO Dispatcher

Edgecombe County

650205- Edgecombe Dispatcher

Nash County

1270199- Nash Dispatcher

Robeson County

1550392- Robeson FD Dispatcher

Sampson County

1630595- Sampson Dispatcher

Wilson County

1950039- Wilson EMS Medic 3 (County EMS)

1950071- Wilson EMS Dispatcher (County EMS)

State Agencies

North Carolina State Highway Patrol

2499918- NCSHP ?? Dispatcher