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Commonly heard terms

Other Common Codes Heard Code Description

  • ANI/ALI Auto Number Indicator/Auto Location Indicator
  • B&E Break and Enter CDSA Controlled Drugs & Substances Act
  • CIB Criminal Investigation Bureau
  • CNI Criminal Name Index
  • CPICCanadian Police Information Centre
  • CRC Collision Reporting Centre
  • DL Drivers License
  • DOA Dead on Arrival
  • DOB Date of Birth
  • EDP Emotionally disturbed person
  • EMS Emergency Medical Service
  • ERT The Emergency Response Team
  • ETA Estimated time of arrival
  • FAC Firearms Acquisition Certificate
  • GOA Gone on arrival
  • HB Highway Breath
  • HBD Has been drinking
  • HTA Highway Traffic Act
  • HQ Headquarters
  • IDENT Forensic Identification Unit
  • K9 Canine Unit
  • Marker License plate
  • MHA Mental Health Act
  • MVA Motor Vehicle Accident
  • MVC Motor Vehicle Collision
  • MWS Mobile Work Station
  • NCIC National Crime Information Centre
  • NICHE *See RMS
  • OMPPAC Ontario Municipal and Provincial Police Automation Co-operative
  • PD Property Damage
  • PDS Police Dog Services
  • PI Personal Injury
  • R.A.C.T.Rural Agricultural Crime Team
  • RO Registered Owner
  • RMS Records Management System
  • S.A.V.E.Snowmobile, ATV, Vessel Enforcement Team
  • SIU Special Investigations Unit
  • SOCO Scene of Crime Officer
  • U.S.R.U.Underwater Search and Recovery Unit
  • TAC Tactical Operations - TAC Ch. or TAC Talkgroup
  • TSV Traffic Services
  • T.R.U. Tactics and Rescue Unit
  • T.T.C.I.Technical Traffic Collision Investigator
  • VSA Vital Signs Absent
  • YB Youth Bureau
  • YO Young Offender