PSR-300/400 Operating Tips

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This article applies to the following scanners:

Please add any additional tips below. If a tip is specific to a particular scanner, please be sure to specify this in the explanation

  • Battery Voltage - PGM, F+ENT, Manual to exit.
  • Spectrum Sweeper - Press and hold The scan/spectrum sweeper key. To select public service sweep press

F+Scan/spectrum sweeper key. Press the number to activate/de-activate band.

  • Edit Welcome Message - PGM, F+Text, Enter text for 1st line, "ENT", 2nd line, "ENT", 3rd line, "ENT", 4th line,

"ENT" <to exit>.

  • Edit Bank Tag - PGM, Func+<bank number>, TEXT, enter text, ENT to save and exit.
  • Backlight Settings - Turn radio on, press the light button during the "welcome" message, press up/down to change

time in seconds.

  • Infinite Backlight - Press and hold the light button until beep in scan, manual, sweep, or search.
  • To turn Global attenuation on and off - F+ATT.
  • Load Pre-programmed frequencies - Tun radio on, press PGM, 1 ENT, or any other key to exit. <Note: Will overwrite first three banks>.
  • Keytone on/off - Press 1 to turn keytone on, or 2 to tun it off, during the welocome message.
  • Review Lockouts - Press MAN, F+L/OUT. Repeate to see next L/O.
  • Set WX FIPS Codes - Press WX, F+PGM, enter FIPS, press ENT. F+CL to delete FIPS.
  • Program Motorola fleet maps - PGM Trunk, F+arrow up/down to select bank, F+8, enter code pressing ENT after each size code for all 8 blocks.
  • Talkgroup Delay - Pess MAN, F+up/down arrow to select bank, F+TRUNK, F+./Delay, up/down arrow to select time in seconds, ENT to save.
  • Re-initialize radio <and all memory> - Press 0, 1, ENT, during welcome message.