Perry County (MO)

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Perry County Government

Perry County E-911

Main Dispatch at Sheriff's Department Dispatches all Fire Departments except Perryville (DB: Perryville PD)

Municipalities and Districts

Joint Utilities Gas Department

  • WNVC383 451.15 Repeater w/Phone Patch (20K at Frohna)

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Perry County Memorial Hospital

Codes, Unit Lists

  • Perry County SD DSN 31 (Example 3119, 3104)
  • Perryville Fire DSN 51 (Example 5121, 5119)
  • Perry County EMS DSN 20 (Example 2017)
  • 1101 Sheriff Department
  • 1120 Perryville Police Department
  • 2037 Perry County Ambulance (155.16 PL, ARCH LZ)
  • 3101 Perry County Sheriff

Fire/EMS Pager Tones


  • Fire Department: 349.0 Tone A, 330.5 Tone B


These need to be moved to the statewide page only.

Perry County Department of Health		  36434
Perry County Sheriff Department/ 911		  49002
Perryville Police Department/Emergency Management 49008



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