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;{{color|red|RadioReference Links}}
;{{color|red|RadioReference Links}}
* [[Pro-106 and Pro-197 CPU/DSP Upgrades]]
* [[Programming Your Radio Shack Scanner]]
* [[Programming Your Radio Shack Scanner]]
* Compare the Pro-106 to other digital models
* Compare the Pro-106 to other digital models
** [[Digital Scanner Comparison Chart]]
** [[Digital Scanner Comparison Chart]]
==CPU and DSP Upgrades==
* See the [[Pro-106 and Pro-197 CPU/DSP Upgrades]] article
==Yahoo Groups and Mailing Lists (receiver support)==
==Yahoo Groups and Mailing Lists (receiver support)==

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The Pro-106 is manufactured for Radio Shack by GRE America Inc.

The Radio Shack is a Digital Trunk Tracking scanner which boasts the ability to track APCO 25 digital trunking systems, in addition to following Motorola type I/II systems, LTR and EDACS trunking systems. It is very similar to the GRE PSR-500.

The Pro-106 is functionally identical to the PSR-500 and uses the same software and cables. Firmware updates are NOT compatible between this radio and the GRE PSR-500 though.

Note: Testing has shown that the frequency range 796.9975 to 805.9975 MHz is blocked on this scanner.

  • Can be updated to support Rebanding? YES
    • See Sections 7.1 and 7.2 of the Rebanding article for the firmware and software links

Included Accessories

  • Antenna
  • Printed Owner's Manual
  • Black non-rechargeable battery holder
  • Yellow rechargable battery holder
  • Belt clip

Recommended accessories (Not included with the radio)

  • RS #273-355 9VDC/ 800mA AC Adapter
  • RS #273-369 9-Volt Vehicle DC-to-DC Adapter
  • RS #273-336 Adaptaplug C - Needed for the above adapters
  • RS #20-283 Radio Shack 800MHz handheld antenna
  • Replacement Belt clip - Radio Shack RSU part number 12418273. Cost is $3.49 each plus shipping. See your local Radio Shack store to order.
  • Please see the Connecting scanners via USB article for USB cables to connect your PC to the scanner

Discriminator Tap

  • There is also a built in data dump which can be enabled with "CCDump" in the Func-Global "super expert" menu which may meet many users needs when used with 3rd party software which already supports this data. When CCDump = "Yes" most control channel and weather SAME data is dumped to the PC/IF port for use with the USB cable. This may save soldering and warranty issues for most users.

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