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* [[Weather related Outaouais County (QC)]]
* [[Weather related Outaouais County (QC)]]
* [[CTM 09]]
* [[CTM 09]]
* [[Montreal FIRE]]
* [[Service de securite incendie de Montreal (Montreal Fire Department)]]
* [[Quebec Sports]]
* [[Quebec Sports]]

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Travellers please note: The language spoken by the majority of Quebecois is French. This includes, unsurprisingly, police/fire/EMS personnel. As a result, if your ability to understand French is limited, so will your enjoyment of listening to your scanner! Two exceptions are aircraft and railroad operations, where both French and English will be heard.

One trick is to know your numbers. Most public safety agencies in the Montreal region are very good at the use of ten codes. If you know your numbers in French (up to 100), you should be able to get the gist of what is going on.




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