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* [ MP (Niljon) Antennas]
* [ MP (Niljon) Antennas]
* [ Russell Industries]
* [ Russell Industries]
* [ Scanner Master]
* [ Scanner Master Antennas]
* [ Scanmaster Scanner Antennas - Via Nevada Radio, UK]
* [ Scanmaster Scanner Antennas - Via Nevada Radio, UK]
* [ Spectral]
* [ Spectral]

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Welcome to the Scanner Antennas page. Here, you'll find links for antennas covering 30 Mhz and up. In addition, specific models mentioned in the Antennas forum at RadioReference are linked here for future reference.

If you're a newcomer or old hat, or anywhere in between, when installing antennas, Safety First.
Make this link a must read. Don't become a statistic!

Commercial Retailers

Coax Suppliers, Filters and other accessories

Coax Suppliers
Other Accessories


Homebrew, Tech and Reviews

NilJon Reviews from MT
Other Reviews
Strong Signals Pages
WinRadio Antenna Reviews from MT

Specific Antenna Models

Please place links to specific models discussed in the RR forums that work well here.

Portable (Rubber Ducks)

Universal Radio links

Mobile Antennas

Base Antennas

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