Scanning Q&A

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This article can be used to house questions about scanning in general - anything from antennas to laws to coax and more

General Scanning Questions

General Frequencies

If you are searching for specific frequencies in your area, the RR Database is the place to start - but at times there may be a better option....

  • ''Where can I find frequencies for the various services, such as Railroads, Aircraft, ect.?''
  • ''Where can I find frequencies for NASCAR, LPGA, NFL, ect.?''
    • See our Sports frequencies article
  • ''Im flying into an airport that the RRDB doesnt have. Where can I find frequencies for it?''
    • Go to the popular Airnav website
  • ''Im going on a cruise and would like to see if theres activity to be heard. Where can I find frequencies?''
    • See this popular website by Bill Dunn for cruise ship frequencies
  • ''I need to look up a callsign I copied. Where can I find it?''
  • ''I need to look up a frequency that isnt in the database. Where might I find it?''
  • ''Where can I find out about military communications in my area?''
  • ''Where can I find out about frequencies used by the US Federal Government?''
    • Check out our Federal frequencies article