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On this page, you'll find a random sampling of questions and answers about scanning and radios. If you have a question, and find a good answer, please feel free to add both to this page. Only add questions, though, if you have the answers; if you need an answer to a question, and it's not on this page already, please try the Radio Reference forums.

General Scanning Questions

  • ''Is scanning legal? How about in my car?''
  • ''What is the best scanner for me?''
  • ''What are the codes and signals I hear public safety personnel using on the radio?''
  • ''What is a signal contour, and how does it affect what I can hear?''

Frequency Searches

If you are searching for specific frequencies in your area, the RR Database is the place to start - but sometimes there may be a better option....

  • ''Where can I find frequencies for NASCAR, LPGA, NFL, etc.?''
    • See our Sports frequencies article
  • ''I'm flying into an airport that the RRDB doesnt have. Where can I find frequencies for it?''
    • Go to the popular Airnav website
  • ''I'm going on a cruise and would like to see if there's activity to be heard. Where can I find frequencies?''
  • ''I need to look up a callsign I copied. Where can I find it?''
  • ''I need to look up a frequency that isnt in the database. Where might I find it?''
  • ''Where can I find out about military communications in my area?''
  • ''Where can I find out about frequencies used by the US Federal Government?''
    • Check out our Federal frequencies article