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System Notes

  • This system has talkgroups that are patched to the St. Tammany Parish Public Safety EDACS system. Slidell Police Channel B (Talkgroup 3248) is patched to the EDACS system as talkgroup 1322 (AFS 10-052)
  • General coverage is the Southeastern portion of St. Tammany Parish. Coverage can be expected to be withing 25 miles of the tower on Sargent Alfred Drive. After inital system development, a 91 meter tower was erected to improve coverage.


  • Talkgroup 24848 (Fire Training 1) is sometimes referred to as Fireground 6.
  • Slidell Police Department's Status Talkgroup (3312) is used for going off-duty and tone outs on emergency traffic.
  • Arcadian Ambulance can be patched to this system for training and drills.

System Users

  • St. Tammany Fire District One
  • Slidell Police Department
  • Slidell Animal Control
  • Slidell Department of Public Works