Supreme Radio Communications (DMR) Bloomington

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  • See the Monitoring DMR and Monitoring TRBO sections of the DMR MOTOTRBO articles for compatible receivers, scanners and applications

Supreme Radio Communications (DMR)
Site NameChannelColor CodeSlotFrequencyComments
Bloomington0131463.23750SLOT 1/2=Data, CSBK (short bursts every second; longer data sets, 6/11/14)
 0261462.15000Only detected Slot 1/2=Data 5/5/14 LCN 2, Rest Channel=LCN 1-Capacity Plus (10/14). Also heard heard Rantoul 6/24/14 as Color Code 2
 0331461.15000SLOT1=Voice, SLOT 2=Data, Voice is decodeable (5/1/14). Showing Capacity Plus, Rest Channel shown on LCN 1, 2 3 at different times) (10/14)
 0461463.87500construction or hauling for road work? (voice deocdeable Warrensburg 10/14)