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<!-- end of TypeII-specific parameters-list -->
<!-- end of TypeII-specific parameters-list -->
<!-- The following US Federal NTIA Callsign-related parameters are inherited from the parent template(s).
|HideCallsigns=| <!-- Federal callsigns are handled by the NTIA and are classified -->
Note: "HideCallsigns" parameter is not inherited because in the US, callsigns are expected to exist.  The "HideCallsigns" parameter is used to hide the related section of the InfoBox when used for non-US entities. *** Federal might not have callsigns. ***
Note: "CallsignsLabel" parameter is not inherited because it is correct relative to US entities.  The parameter's value would be overwritten for non-US entities, like those relating to Canada. -->
|CallsignsLabel=Federal NTIA Callsigns|
|Callsigns={{{Callsigns|none listed in database}}}| <!-- Parameters FCC and MoreCallsigns are not inherited here because it makes no sense since the FCC does not issue Federal callsigns. -->
<!-- end of US Federal NTIA Callsign-related parameters-list -->

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Federal Trunked Radio System

NameInfobox TRS TypeII US Fed
Owner TypeFederal
CountryUnited States

System Details
TypeMotorola Type II
Connect Tone?
P25 NAC?

System-specific links
DatabaseFCC Site Map
State Forum
Federal Forum
RR Site Map

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