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N-WIN is in full operation across Nebraska up to Appx US Hwy 81 from roughly west of Norfolk/Columbus/York areas.

Here is a list and quick links of N-WIN sites across major Nebraska highways within the N-WIN network.

I-80-Wyoming Border to Lincoln, Ne., Including I-76.

1-134, Sidney, 1-135, Mitchell, 1-136, Ogallala, 1-153, North Platte, 1-145, Cozad, 1-142, Holdrege, 1-156, Pleasanton, 1-159, Giltner, 1-169, Milford, 1-155, Lincoln.

Hwy 20-Wyoming Border to Elgin, Ne., including portions of Hwy 275.

1-904, Harrison, 1-131, Chadron, 1-138, Rushville, 1-151, Merriman, 1-146, Crookston, 1-144, Bassett, 1-162, O'Neill, 1-902, Elgin.

Hwy 6 and Hwy 34-Colorado Border to Holdrege.

1-149, Imperial, 1-148, Hayes Center, 1-150, McCook, 1-143, Beaver City, 1-142, Holdrege.

Hwy 385-Colorado Border to South Dakota Border.

1-134, Sidney, 1-130, Angora, 1-131, Chadron.

Hwy 71-Colorado Border to South Dakota Border

1-135, Mitchell.

Nebraska Hwy 2, Alliance to Dunning, Ne.,

1-132, Mumper, 1-154, Whitman, 1-147, Thedford.

If you are traveling out of Nebraska, here are links to states with statewide trunked radio systems surrounding Nebraska

Colorado DTRS

Colorado DTRS Interstate Travel Reference


Kansas Statewide Interoperable Communication System (KSICS)


WyoLink: Statewide Interoperability Matrix

South Dakota State Radio System

South Dakota State Radio System