Trunked Radio Decoders

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This page contains links and downloads for utilities that can be used to decode the data streams of various trunked systems. With the exception of Pro96Com, these applications require audio from the Discriminator output of your scanner. In addition, except Pro96com and UniTrunker, you must convert the audio from your scanner into serial data by using one of the circuits (or pre made units) shown on the Data Slicers page.

Existing Pages



Description:A Trunked Radio Decoder for Motorola Systems. Very similar in operation to trunker, but does not provide computer control.

Description: Holds some C++ source code of a crude port of crucial portions the Motorola Trunker program. This program served as a proof of concept for using a sound card instead of a serial port for input. Persons so inclined may wish to compile this into an executable using Visual Studio 6 or Visual Studio .NET. This example runs in console mode and displays talk group information as it is decoded from the microphone input of the soundcard.

Description: Source code for the Trunker / Etrunker decoding applications. This is the full C++ code for both applications

EDACS Utilities

Description: Displays EDACS Diag Information for EDACS systems.

Description: A version of the Etrunker EDACS decoder that supports EDACS System Key (ESK) systems.

Description:The E-Trunker Utility. Decodes and Displays information from the EDACS Trunked Radio Datastream. This version is dated 07/27/2001

LTR Utilities

Description: Eric Cottrell has graciously compiled LTR, Passport and MultiNet Tracking support into a trunker like interface. This is the latest beta release RC4.

MPT1327 Utilities

Description:Tronquito is a Linux based MPT-1327 decoder, and supports trunktracking using Icom radios. Tronquito has also been ported to Win32, and a binary executable is included with the distribution.