United States Air Force (157)

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Unidentified/Unconfirmed Talkgroups

The following talkgroups are not listed in the database. If you can confirm any of them please submit the information and remove them from this list.

Please put unidentified or unconfirmed talkgroups under the proper site below:

Site 001 Peterson AFB

Site 002 F.E. Warren AFB

Site 003 Malmstrom AFB 1

Site 004 Schriever AFB

Site 005 Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station

Site 006 Vandenberg AFB

Site 007 Los Angeles AFB

Site 011 Tinker AFB

Site 020 F.E. Warren AFB North

Site 021 F.E. Warren Air Force Site A

Site 023 F.E. Warren Air Force Site L

Site 024 F.E. Warren Air Force Site B

Site 025 F.E. Warren AFB F

Site 026 F.E. Warren AFB G

Site 027 F.E. Warren AFB H

Site 030 Malmstrom AFB (Belgian)

Site 031 Malmstrom AFB (Teton)

Site 032 Malmstrom AFB (Highwood)

Site 033 Malmstrom AFB (Cooney)

Site 034 Malmstrom AFB (Judith)

Site 035 Malmstrom AFB (Sullivan)

Site 036 Malmstrom AFB (Moccasin)

Site 060 Vandenberg AFB

Site 061 Vandenberg AFB

Site 062 Vandenberg AFB

Site 070 Fort MacArthur

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