ARC-XT-Pro Install Under Linux

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Functional Overview


  • Works very well in Ubuntu with Wine.
  • Uploaded and downloaded systems to a BCT15X.
  • The Virtual Control Panel (VCP) looks professional.
  • 21 day evaluation period.
  • Ubuntu creates a nice launcher on the desktop and finds an XT icon to use after the script file sits on the desktop for a while.


  • Slow to connect to the DB. Frequent HTTP timeouts and delays where Ubuntu provided the option to close. Selecting "No" finally connected to the DB and authenticated the account.
  • VCP push buttons don't illuminate and are somewhat difficult to read.
  • VCP volume and squelch sliders don't read the current value when the program starts and make the assumption they are set to zero. Example: One click up on the VCP volume takes the scanner volume from it's current volume and sets it to one.
  • $69.95

Didn't test any of the higher end functions other than viewing logs. No recording or GPS function tests performed.

Uniden DMA Compatibility Chart

Installation Process (Ubuntu 15.10)

This instruction should be followed after all OS updates are applied with Wine not installed. This will probably work for all Debian based distributions of Linux.

Install Wine First

Software Setup For Linux

Precaution: If you have Wine installed it is highly recommended that you start off with a fresh 32 Bit prefix and a correctly installed .NET Framework 4.5 by deleting your ~/.wine directory and see the link above to reinstall.


Download from here:
Extract in your download directory.
wine ~/Downloads/arcxt_pro_200_build6_setup.exe

To run enter the following in terminal or create a shell script:

wine ~/.wine/drive_c/'Program Files'/BuTel/ARCXTPRO/arcxt_pro.exe

Once open on the toolbar select "Scanner" > "Communication Setup" Set the correct Baudrate and press "AutoDetect Scanner"

Doesn't get much easier than that.

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