Alberta First Responders' Radio Communication System (AFRRCS) Sites, Frequencies and Users

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(Site buildout & activation is progressing at a rate which makes the links previously listed here too cumbersome and work-intensive to maintain. Active sites are added to the RadioReference Database entry, and proposed (licensed) sites are available in the files mentioned above, located in the forum thread.)

Additional frequencies licensed but not linked to any site

Frequency Usage
141.8100 Mobile license to communicate with Hailstone Butte VHF site
141.8250 Mobile license to communicate with Livingstone Ridge VHF site
143.6850 Mobile license to communicate with Beauvais Lake VHF site
155.4750 Use unconfirmed at this time but suspected to be simplex channel
770.18125 Simplex 1
770.23125 Simplex 2
770.43125 Simplex 3
770.48125 Simplex 4
770.68125 Simplex 5
769-805 Blanket license for transmitting on any 700 MHz AFRRCS frequency

Additional frequencies not licensed but seen in use

Frequency Usage
770.38125 Unlicensed, seen as LCN 19 on SOW2001 (alt CC) on 2012-05-02
771.88125 Unlicensed, seen as LCN 139 on SOW2001 on 2012-05-02

Frequencies licensed to SOW2 have been detected in tbe Edmonton region with a NAC of 2D0, a SysID of 001, and RFSS/Site of 002-002 (2012-07-05).


As mentioned in the preamble, all Government of Alberta agencies providing public safety & first response are expected to be on this system. This includes Solicitor General Public Security (Sheriffs), Sustainable Resource Development, RCMP, etc. As agencies commit themselves to the project, they will be listed below. No inclusion or exclusion of an agency from the lists below should be construed as official confirmation of their participation.

Agencies which have committed to joining AFRRCS

Alberta Health Service Emergency Medical Services

(List updated 2012-03-08 09:00 MT)

Agencies which are suspected to join AFRRCS

Edmonton Remand Center had a license in pending for 700 MHz frequencies, but it has since been removed from the TAFL (CGZ592). The frequencies were:

  • 769.26875
  • 769.51875
  • 769.76875
  • 770.01875
  • 770.51875