Amboy Bus (Plainview) Talkgroups

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The following talk groups have been heard on this LTR system:

0-01-006 Oceanside Base
0-05-050 K. Corr Base (Farmingdale Schools and Bethpage Schools)
0-05-100 K. Corr Base (Farmingdale Schools and Bethpage Schools) (Previous)
0-05-200 Raybern Base (Plainedge and Wantagh Schools)
0-09-025 Massapequa Base
0-09-150 Uniondale Base

Dispatchers ARE NOT consistent in the identification of their base. For example, 0-05-100 has identified itself as "K. Corr Base" when calling radio repair but also references "Bethpage Drivers". 0-05-200 has referenced "Raybern Drivers". 0-01-006 has consistently called itself "Oceanside Base".

On May 3, 2012, K. Corr switched its talkgroup from 0-05-100 to 0-05-050. No activity has been observed on talkgroup 0-05-100 since the change.

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