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Released circa 1987, the BC100XLT, along with big brother BC200XLT, were the first all-new new Bearcat handhelds from Uniden. Rechargable NiCd cells were in a proprietary battery pack that attached to the bottom of the unit.

Feature list

  • 10 Priority Channels
  • 100 Channels in 10 banks
  • Channel Lockout
  • Covered 29-54, 108-174, 406-512 MHz
  • Manual Channel Access
  • Programmable Search - Allows you to set the upper and lower limits of specific frequency range for easier searching.
  • Instant weather band search
  • backlit LCD display
  • keyboard lock

Manual and Service manual

PDF download - Operation manual

PDF Download Service manual


Discriminator tap works with both BC100XLT and BC200XLT

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