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City Information

  • Reading, PA - Updated January 2, 2010

Law Enforcement Radio Designators

Effective April 12, 2010 at 0800HRS
New Radio Designator Format
MM – Organizational Identifier
UU – Unit Identifier
Organizational Identifier
02 Berks County District Attorney's Office Detectives
03 Blue Marsh Rangers
04 French Creek State Park
05 Hopewell Park Ranger
06 Berks County Park Ranger
07 Berks County Youth Detention
08 Berks Adult Probation
09 Berks Coroner
10 Berks Juvenile Probation
11 DUI Center
14 Berks County Jail
15 Penn State Berks Police
16 Kutztown University Police
17 Berks County Sheriff
23 Central Berks Regional 49 Womelsdorf Borough
25 Exeter Township 53 Lower Heidelberg Township
26 Amity Township 54 Bern Township
27 Douglass Township 57 Bernville Borough
29 Birdsboro Borough 61 Tilden Township
31 Robeson Township 64 Bethel Township
32 Caernarvon Township 65 Tulpehocken Township
33 Brecknock Township 66 Muhlenberg Township
34 Cumru Township 67 Laureldale Borough
35 Mohnton Borough 72 Northern Berks Regional
36 Shillington Borough 76 Hamburg Borough
38 West Reading Borough 81 Kutztown Borough
39 Wyomissing Borough 83 Fleetwood-Richmond
43 Spring Township 85 Berks-Lehigh Regional
44 Sinking Spring Borough 92 Oley Township
45 South Heidelberg Township 94 Boyertown Borough
46 Western Berks Regional 95 Colebrookdale Township
48 Heidelberg Township 98 Bally Borough
Unit Identifier
Patrol or Generic Type For Department
K9 Supervisor
K9 Patrol Only
K9 Narcotics
K9 Explosives
Traffic Supervisor
Traffic - Crash
Special Detail Supervisor
Special Detail / Undefined
Police Chief
On Duty Ranking Supervisor
Investigative Supervisor
Investigator / Detective / Plain Clothes
Unit Definitions:
Generic/Patrol - The unit type serving the primary function of the agency. For municipal police departments this is a patrol unit. For probation this would be a probation officer, etc.
Undefined/Special - To be used only when the primary function of the unit does not meet any other definition, including when the unit is on a special detail (Smooth Operator, athletic standby etc.)
Special Detail Supervisor - This unit will only be utilized when there is an individual designated as the OIC/Supervisor of a detail of other officers from the same organization operating on a special detail with 50 series unit numbers.
Detective/Investigator/PC & D/I Supervisor - A unit operating in a non-uniformed role. Three digit radio identifier calls attention to presence of a plain clothes unit for officer safety. Also used by Investigators/Deputys in the Berks County Coroner's Office.
Patrol OIC/Supervisor - A unit that is assigned the role of officer in charge. Or the senior supervisor on a shift. This is the unit that Berks DES will send any detail for an OIC to.
Special Notes
Additional Officers Assigned to the same unit use alpha characters following the identifier - MM-UUA

Unit identifiers must match assigned beat districts except when a shift overlap prevents this. (Eg. Unit 1 must be in Beat 1)
* In these cases, the outgoing officer will maintain their beat/unit number until going off duty. The oncoming officer will then assume that identifier.
* For departments that do not use beats, or for units on duty and not assigned to beats, any number in the appropriate unit type identifier sequence may be selected.
Chiefs must always use "90," even when serving in a "Patrol" role.
Constables will use plain language - "Constable XXX"
During inter-jurisdictional or inter-disciplinary incidents, all units will revert to PLAIN LANGUAGE identifiers.
* Inter-jurisdictional refers to incidents involving:
* Law enforcement units from outside Berks County operating on Berks communication channels.
* Law enforcement units from the City of Reading operating on Berks communication channels.
* Inter-disciplinary refers to incidents involving a mix of law enforcement, fire, or EMS units operating on a single channel or operating under a communication plan that patches two different channels together.
The following entities will utilize plain language at all times when operating on Berks County law enforcement radio channels:
* State and federal agencies not defined above (Eg. "PSP Reading Car 1" or "Game Commission 5")
* Radio vendors/contractors (Eg. RMI, Triangle)

Ex-Police Unit Numbers

Left for reference in case anyone needs them. (i.e. archive listening, etc.)

January 1, 2010 - April 12, 2010 The designators utilized the following format:

MN - Municipal Number FN – Numeric Function Identifier SN – Sequential Number of that Function Type in service / Beat Number

Municipal Number (2 digits), Function Number (2 digits), Sequential Function Number (1 or 2 digits – from 1 to 99)

Using this format: "MN FN SN"

Examples: A Cumru Township Patrol Unit identified as 34-01-1. This designator should be pronounced as "Thirty-four, one, one".

A Cumru Township PD Investigator identified as 34-03-2. This designator should be pronounced as "Thirty-Four, three, two".

Municipal Numbers 23 Central Berks Regional 25 Exeter Township 26 Amity Township 27 Douglass Township 29 Birdsboro Borough 31 Robeson Township 32 Caernarvon Township 33 Brecknock Township 34 Cumru Township 35 Mohnton Borough 36 Shillington Borough 38 West Reading Borough 39 Wyomissing Borough 43 Spring Township 44 Sinking Spring Borough 45 South Heidelberg Township 46 Western Berks Regional 48 Heidelberg Township 49 Womelsdorf Borough 53 Lower Heidelberg Township 54 Bern Township 57 Bernville Borough 61 Tilden Township 64 Bethel Township 65 Tulpehocken Township 66 Muhlenberg Township 67 Laureldale Borough 72 Northern Berks Regional 76 Hamburg Borough 81 Kutztown Borough 83 Fleetwood-Richmond 85 Berks-Lehigh Regional 92 Oley Township 94 Boyertown Borough 95 Colebrookdale Township 98 Bally Borough Reading-### Reading City

   * # - Individual Unit Number

Non-Municipal Numbers 2 Berks County District Attorney's Office Detectives 3 Blue Marsh Ranger 4 French Creek State Park 5 Hopewell Park Ranger 6 County Parks 7 Youth Center 8 Adult Probation 9 Coroner's Office 10 Juvenile Probation 11 DUI Center 12 BCERT 13 Radio Maintenance 14 Berks County Prison 15 Penn State Berks Police 16 Kutztown University Police 17 Berks County Sheriff's Office PSP-# Pennsylvania State Police

   * # - Individual Unit Number

Numeric Function Identifier 0 - Plain Clothes Specialized or Patrol Unit 1 - Patrol Unit 2 - Supervisory Unit 3 - Investigator 4 - Traffic Unit 5 - Traffic Unit (Accident Investigation) 6 - Warrant Unit 7 - Transport Unit 8 - PFA Unit 9 - Canine Unit 10 - Forensics Unit 12 - Tactical Unit

Berks County Constables:

Constables used the following format:

The word "Constable" followed by the Municipality Number for the municipality where they are an elected official. Where there is more than one constable elected in a municipality, the constable used their precinct / ward number.

Example: The constable for Kutztown Borough from Ward 1 used the radio designator of: Constable 81-1 (pronounced "Eight-one, one").

PRE January 1, 2010: 1 PA State Police/Reading
2 PA State Police/Hamburg
19 Reading Police Department
23 Central Berks Regional Police
25 Exeter Twp. Police
26 Amity Twp. Police
27 Douglass Twp. Police
29 Birdsboro Police
31 Robeson Twp. Police
32 Caernarvon Twp. Police
33 Brecknock Twp. Police
34 Cumru Twp. Police
35 Mohnton Police
36 Shillington Police
38 West Reading Police
39 Wyomissing Police
43 Spring Twp. Police
44 Sinking Spring Police
45 South Heidelberg Twp. Police
46 Wernersville Police
47 Robesonia Police
48 Heidelberg Twp. Police
49 Womelsdorf Police
53 Lower Heidelberg Police
54 Bern Twp. Police
57 Bernville Police
61 Tilden Twp. Police
64 Bethel Twp. Police
65 Tulpehocken Twp. Police
66 Muhlenberg Twp. Police
67 Laureldale Police
72 Northern Berks Regional Police
76 Hamburg Police
81 Kutztown Police
83 Fleetwood Police
85 Berks-Lehigh Regional Police Dept.
92 Oley Twp. Police
94 Boyertown Police
95 Colebrookdale Twp. Police
98 Bally Police
800 Berks County Sheriff
??? Kutztown University Police
932 Penn State Berks Police

Fire Unit Numbers

Fire A - West

18-1 Western Berks Fire Department (Wernersville)
18-2 Western Berks Fire Department (Sinking Spring)
18-3 Western Berks Fire Department (South Heidelberg)
18-4 Western Berks Fire Department (Lower Heidelberg)
26 Robesonia Fire Co
27 Rehrersburg Fire Co
28 Mt. Aetna Fire Co
29 Bernville Fire Co
30 Mt. Pleasant Fire Co
36 Shillington Fire Co
37 Leesport Fire Co
38 Central Berks Fire Co
40 Shoemakersville Fire Co
41 Shartlesville Fire Co
42 Cumru Twp FD Station #2/HQ (Cedar Top FC)
47 Womelsdorf Fire Co
48 Wernersville State Hospital Fire Co
50 Strausstown Fire Co
52 Marion Fire Co
53 Frystown Fire Co
54 Bethel Fire Co
55 Greenfields Fire Co
56 Cumru Twp FD Station #1 (Gouglersville FC)
57 Mohnton Fire Co
58 Hereford Fire Co
61 Hamburg Fire Co
62 Hamburg Center Fire Co
64 West Reading Fire Co
69 Kenhorst Fire Co
70 Cumru Twp FD Station #3 (Grill FC)
72 Brecknock Twp Fire Co
74 Carpenter Fire Crew
76 Reading Airport Fire Brigade
77 Port Clinton Fire Co
79 Wyomissing Fire Dept
81 Berks Emergency Strike Team
85-1 Township of Spring Fire Dept (Spring Township)
85-2 Township of Spring Fire Dept (Vinemont)

Fire B - East

1 Mt. Penn Fire Co
4 Lower Alsace Fire Co
5 Oley Fire Co
6 Monarch Fire Co
7 Birdsboro-Union Fire Dept
8 Alsace Manor Fire Co
10 Goodwill Fire Co Hyde Park (Now Muhlenberg Twp Fire/Rescue 66-1)
10 Goodwill Fire Co Riverview Park (Now Muhlenberg Twp Fire/Rescue 66-2)
11 Temple Fire Co (Now Muhlenberg Twp Fire/Rescue 66-HQ)
12 Blandon Fire Co
13 Central Fire Co Laureldale
14 Bally Goodwill Fire Co
15 Friendship Hook & Ladder Boyertown
16 Keystone Fire Co Boyertown
17 Liberty Fire Co New Berlinville
19 Earl Township Fire Co
20 Bechtelsville Fire Co
21 Topton Fire Co
22 Barto Fire Co
23 Gibraltar Fire Co
24 Geigertown Fire Co
25-2 Exeter Township Fire Department (West Station, Reiffton)
25-3 Exeter Township Fire Department (East Station, Stonersville)
32 Walnuttown Fire Co
33 Virginville Fire Co
34 Ruscombmanor Fire Co
35 Lyons Fire Co
39 Seisholtzville Fire Co
44 Kempton Fire Co
45 Fleetwood Fire Co
46 Kutztown Fire Co
49 Amity Fire Co
66 Muhlenberg Twp Fire/Rescue (Temple FC)
66-1 Muhlenberg Twp Fire/Rescue (Goodwill FC #1)
66-2 Muhlenberg Twp Fire/Rescue (Goodwill FC #2)

Chester County Station 69 Twin Valley Fire Department

EMS Unit Numbers

505 Bally Ambulance
520 Blandon Ambulance
525 Boyertown Ambulance
535 Fleetwood Fire Co. Ambulance
545 Hamburg Ambulance
555 Lower Alsace Ambulance
560 Muhlenberg Ambulance
565 Oley Fire Co. Ambulance
575 Topton Ambulance Station 1 (Topton)(Using IDs 571X)
575 Topton Ambulance Station 2 (Maxatawny) (Using IDs 572X)
585 Bethel Ambulance Station 1 (Bethel)
585 Bethel Ambulance Station 2 (Bernville)
590 Kutztown Area Transport Service (O.O.S)
600 Reading Fire & Rescue Services EMS
635 Kutztown University QRS
650 Western Berks Ambulance (Station 651, West Lawn)
650 Western Berks Ambulance (Station 652, West Reading)
650 Western Berks Ambulance (Station 653, Robesonia)
650 Western Berks Ambulance (Station 656, S Heidelberg)
670 Schuylkill Valley Ambulance
680 Tower Direct (formerly Southern Berks Regional EMS) (Station 681, Birdsboro)
680 Tower Direct (Station 682, Grill/HQ)
680 Tower Direct (Station 683, Reading Hospital)
680 Tower Direct (Station 684, Amity Twp)
680 Tower Direct (Station 685, Gibraltar)
690 LifeLion EMS (Station 691, St Joseph's Medical Ctr)
690 LifeLion EMS (Station 692, Fleetwood)
690 LifeLion EMS (Station 693, Exeter)

Chester County Station 89 Elverson Ambulance

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