Boone County (MO) Fire Services

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Boone County Fire Department

Boone County (MO) Columbia FD

Columbia Fire Dept. Dispatch Frequency 154.190.

Boone County Fire Protection District

Boone County Fire District Logo.jpg

  • WQQG271 - 154.43 repeaters at Ashland, Centralia, Harrisburg (Howard), Hallsville, Columbia

Boone County Fire Overview


Population Served: 35,000
Area Served: 500 Square Miles
Number of Alarms Annually: 4,300 (average)
Personnel: 400+ (including those assigned to Missouri Task Force 1)
Number of Apparatus: 50

When unit talk back to dispatch there brevity is always "Engine 901 Boone County" and then Boone County responds back.

Boone County Fire Dept. Division Chiefs

Division Chief

Recent Acquisitions by the Boone County Fire Dist.

Station 1- Lake of The Woods 790,000

New Tanker

New Squad

Physical Training Room

Station 2- Rocheport 500,000

New Engine

Physical Training Room

Station 3- Hallsville 959,000

New Engine

4 New Resident Rooms

New Multi-Purpose Rooms

New Physical Training Room

Kitchen Renovation

Station 4- Harrisburg 120,000

Physical Training Room

Station 5- Prathersville 520,000

New Engine

New Brush Truck

Station 6- Sturgeon

New Engine

New Squad

Station 7- Dripping Springs

New Living Quarters

New Tanker

Station 8- Rock Bridge

New Engine

Station 9- Midway

New Brush Truck

Station 10- Centralia

Station 12- El Chaparral

New Engine

New Brush Truck

Station 13- New Providence

New Station

New Brush Truck

Station 14- Scott Blvd.

New Engine

Station 15- Deer Park

New Tanker

Station 16- Turner Farms

New Station

DB Listing

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
154.43000  154.07000   KLK578   RM  94.8 PL  BCFPD Disp1 Fire: Dispatch - South [Ch 1]  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
452.42500      KLK578   94.8 PL  BCFPD RF 3 Remote Link (FX2 Sturgeon, Ashland)   FMN  Fire Dispatch 
457.42500      KLK578   94.8 PL  BCFPD RF 4 Remote Link (FX2 Columiba)   FMN  Fire Dispatch 
154.28000      KNJM308   BM  CSQ  S/W Fire MA Fire: Statewide Mutual Aid [Ch 2]  FMN  Fire-Talk 
154.11500      WNBY433   BM  94.8 PL  BCFPD FG-4 Fireground/Tac 4 Gold [Ch 4]  FMN  Fire-Tac 
153.83000      WPRY340   94.8 PL  BCFPD FG-3 Fireground Yellow/Tac-3 [Ch 3]  FMN  Fire-Tac 
154.17500      WPRY340   94.8 PL  BCFPD FG-5 Fireground Gray/Tac-5 [Ch 5]  FMN  Fire-Tac 
154.38500      WPRY340   94.8 PL  BCFPD FG-6 Fireground Brown [Ch 6] (Columbia Tac-2)  FMN  Fire-Tac 
452.42500      KLK578   072 DPL  BCFPD RF 1 Remote Link - Columbia to 154.43R (South County)  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
452.42500      KLK578   156.7 PL  BCFPD RF 2 Remote Link  FMN  Fire Dispatch 

Boone County Fire District Station Locations

Station Name Location
1 Lake Of The Woods 5910 E. St. Charles Av, Columbia, MO 65201
2 Rocheport 104 Central Street, Rocheport, MO 65279
3 Hallsville 400 Rt B, Hallsville, MO 65255
4 Harrisburg 685 E. Sexton , Harrisburg, MO 65255
5 Prathersville 1675 E. Prathersville Rd, Columbia, MO 65202
6 Sturgeon 201 E. Wall St., Sturgeon, MO 65284
7 Dripping Springs 525 West Drippiing Springs Rd
8 Columbia/Route K 5801 S. Route K, Columbia, MO 65203
9 Midway 6951 W. Henderson Rd, Columbia, MO 65202
10 Centralia 11481 E. Highway CC, Centralia, MO 65240
12 El Chaparral (Columbia) 980 S. El Chaparral Ave, Columbia, MO 65201
13 Route E 4801 North Route E, Columbia, MO 65202
14 Route K 3900 S. Scott Blvd, Columbia, MO 65203
15 Deer Park 5881 Ponderosa St., Columbia, MO 65201
16 Turner Farms 6550 E, State Rd HH, Columbia, MO 65202

Apparatus By Station

Station Name Apparatus
1 Lake of the Woods (Columbia) Engine, Tanker, Brush Truck, Boat, Rescue Squad
2 Rocheport Engine, Brush Truck, Boat
3 Hallsville Engine, Tanker, Brush Truck, Boat
4 Harrisburg Engine, Tanker, Brush Truck
5 Prathersville Engine, Tanker, Brush Truck, Air Truck, HazMat Truck
6 Sturgeon Engine, Tanker, Brush Truck, Rescue Squad
7 Dripping Springs Engine, Tanker
8 Columbia/Route K Engine, Tanker, Brush Truck, Boat, Parade Engine
9 Midway Engine, Tanker, Brush Truck, Rescue Squad
10 Centralia Engine, Tanker, Brush Truck
12 Columbia/El Chaparral Engine, Brush Truck
13 Columbia/Route E Engine, Brush Truck
14 Columbia/Route K Engine, Brush Truck
15 Deer Park Engine, Tanker, Brush Truck, Support Truck, Command Vehicle, Parade Engine, Task Force Semi Trailers
16 Turner Farms Engine, Brush Truck

Helmet Color Code

  • The Boone County Fire District uses a helmet color code system for identification of personnel on the scene of an emergency. The system is as follows:
Helmet Color Personnel Rank
White Chief and Command Level Officers
White Station Personnel - Captain
Yellow Lieutenant
Red Firefighter
Orange Firefighter Recruit
Blue EMS Responder

Vehicle Number System

  • Each vehicle in the Fire District has an assigned number. The first number in the sequence represents the station where the apparatus is stationed. The next two numbers indicate the vehicle’s use.
XX01 Engine
XX02 Special Duty
XX03 Engine (Reserve Status)
XX04 Rescue Squad
XX05 Tanker
XX06 Natural Cover Fire Vehicle
XX07 Boat
XX08 Service/Maintenance Vehicle
XX09 Emergency Medical Squad
XX10 Engine (Reserve status)
XX15 Station Captain
XX16 Station Lieutenant
XX17 Station Lieutenant
XX18 Station Lieutenant
XX19 Station Lieutenant

Boone County Fire Dept. Maintenance of Vehicles

Boone County Fire Dept. has there own maintenance crew. This maintenance location is at the Boone County Fire District Headquarters.

Every 15 years the Boone County Fire Dist. replaces the apparatuses. At this time is longer than other fire dept.'s that replace there apparatus every 7-10 years.

Boone County Fire Dept. Communications On Scene

Boone County Fire Dist. has a system that when they are on scene of an incident the person in command will have a flashing green light on the command vehicle.

The incident commander will be the one in command of all radio traffic to Boone County Joint Communications.

Southern Boone County Fire Protection District (Ashland)

Southern Boone Co Fire District Logo.jpeg

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.55000  153.90500   WQJA541   RM  91.5 PL  SoBoone Fire Fire: Dispatch/Paging/Ops  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
159.04500      WQJA541     SoBoone FG Fireground  FMN  Fire-Tac 

Engine 1701 is shown below in a picture: Southern Boone Co Fire District Engine 1701.jpg

Citation for Photo above: Rosenbauer/Peterbilt 1,500/800 Pumper. 2015. Fire Apperatus & Emergency Equipment, Arnold, MO. Fire Apperatus & Emergency Equipment. By Fire Apperatus &. Emergency Equipment. Web. 28 Apr. 2016. <>.

Over-The-Air Radio Identifiers

  • Southern Boone County FPD FD has the same radio identifiers as Boone County FPD

Fire Pager Tones

Boone County Fire - 154.4300 MHz FM
UnitTone ATone B
All Units - BCFPD582.1346.7
Station 1582.1524.8
Station 2582.1645.7
Station 3582.1716.1
Station 4582.1881.0
Station 5582.1977.2
Station 6582.11084.0
Station 7582.1668.3
Station 8582.1426.6
Station 9582.1645.7
Station 10582.1384.6
Station 12582.1944.1
Station 13582.1794.3
Station 14582.11161.4
Station 15582.1473.2
Station 16582.1489.8
All Units - SBCFPD528.0478.0
Station 17???.????.?
Station 18???.????.?
Station 19???.????.?
Station 20???.????.?

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