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The Brantford Fleetnet Tower is located in the north eastern part of the city of Brantford, east of Wayne Gretsky Parkway, around Elgin St. This tower covers a good deal of the county of Brant as welll as ajoining areas of the city of Hamilton to the east, southern portions of the Region of Waterloo to the north and some areas of the city of Haldimand County and the city of Norfolk County. Because of the Niagara Escarpment (called Hamilton mountain in the city of Hamilton) this tower is hard to recieve much further than Hamilton to the east. A good antenna is needed to acquire the control signal on 141.7050.


The OPP, short for Ontario Provincial Police are the law enforcement bodies for all the Provincial Highways in the counties of Haldimand, Norfolk, Oxford, Brant and city of Hamilton. In addition the OPP 'police' all the above mentioned counties save the city of Brantford (has its own police service), First Nations (i.e. Six Nations in Brant Co) and the city of Hamilton. Various municipalities in Oxford County police themselves, leaving the OPP to patrol the queens highways.

Haldimand OPP units, called 6 Charly and Brant OPP units, called 6 Bravo are patched these days. You can listen for them on talk group 8208 1OPS01 or talk group 8288, 1OPS06. First Nations Law officers are indicated as 6 Quebec and are heard on the above talkgroups as well.

You will also hear the Norfolk County OPP 6 Oscar units on their own talkgroup or patched with Oxford 6 Sierraunits. The Norfolk talkgroup is 8432 1OPS15 and the Oxford talkgroup is 1OPS11 8368. All of the above mentioned OPP talkgroups and officers are dispatched by London.

You will also hear a few GTA region OPP patrols dispatched from Orillia. Burlington 5 Charlie and Niagara 5 Golf are dispatched on 1OPS39, talkgroup 8672 and 1OPS43, talk group 43 respectively and their patrol areas border the London dispatched units in the above paragraph generally to the east. You will hear occasionally the Port Credit 5 India officers in Peel and Halton Regions patched with Cambridge 5 India units who patrol the queens highways in the Region of Waterloo. You can follow their comings and goings on talkgroups 1OPS41 8704 and 1OPS44 8752 respectively.

Ministry of Health (MOH)

The Hamilton CACC dispatches all city of Hamilton EMS units and all EMS units in Norfolk, Haldimand, and Brant. You will generally hear Hamilton City units on Brantford's towers due to its proximity to Hamilton and because their are numerous EMS units entering into and out of Hamilton's many hospitals.

Brant/Haldimand/Norfolk EMS units are dispatched on talkgroup 35632 Hamilton Simcoe. When EMS units request patches to area hospitals you can hear them transmit on Hamilton Tac 3, talk group 35680 or on Brantford General Hospital's talk group 36912. Hamilton City units are dispatched on Hamilton City East talkgroup 35600 and run patches on Tac4 36696. You can also hear Waterloo Regional EMS units dispatched by the Cambridge CACC on talk group 35504 Cambridge South.

MTO and Other

You will hear local area MTO work crews and snow plows for the Brantford and B/H/N counties dispatched from London to Paris talk group 38224. Again, because of its proximity the Burlington and Naiagara talk groups; 38464 and 38496 respecitively.

MTO Enforcement units are dispatched by London and have calls signs beginning with the number 3 with Tango and they can be heard on the various MTO Enforcement units listed in the database.

The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) are dispatched by London and generally cover a good deal of the south western portion of the province on talk group 2784. Because of the limited number of MNR crews they can be patched with other area talkgroups listed above.

The three county area also is busy with special events from time to time. Be sure to check out all the OPP Tac channels when incidents in Caledonia flare up or when hundreds of thousands of bikers descent on Port Dover. You might luck out and hear 'secret stuff' on any of the CISO and Intelligence OPP talkgroups.

All information here gathered from scanning experience and thru Trunk 88 ctl files. A thank you to Andrew Porrett for information presented here as well.

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