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Unit Numbering

Brown County Sheriffs Department (BRSO)

  • The Brown County Sheriff's Department (BRSO) is divided into regular Sheriff Patrol which patrols the county, and Direct Enforcement Units (DEU's) which are deputies contracted to municipalities. Currently 5 Villages contract with BRSO.
1   Sheriff / Chief Deputy
2   Capt
3   Shift Lt
4   Sgt
5   Patrol Deputy
6   K9 Unit
7   Direct Enforcement Car
8   Probationary/Officer in Training
followed by a letter which indicates the assigned area. 
(Examples: "1-ADAM", "5-EDWARD")

7 LINCOLN #'s Village of Howard DEU's
7 MARY #'s Village of Suamico DEU's
7 NORA #'s Village of Bellevue DEU's
7 PAUL #'s Village of Allouez DEU's
7 ???? #'s Village of Denmark DEU's


Green Bay Police Department


Patrol officers are assigned to patrol 1 of 4 districts (A, B, C, & D).
They identify on the radio by Shift number (1-Day Shift, 2-Afternoon Shift,
3-Evening Shift, 4-Night Shift, 5-?, 12-?), followed by a phonetic word for their
district (A-ADAM, B-BRAVO, C-CHARLES, D-DAVID), and then a unit number.  

Examples: "1-ADAM-1" and "1-ADAM-2" are day shift district A, "2-CHARLES-3"
and "2-CHARLES-4" are afternoon shift district C.

# ADAM # District A Patrol
# BRAVO # District B Patrol
# CHARLES # District C Patrol
CS # Community Service Officers (CSOs)
# DAVID # District D Patrol
# FRANK # ??? (floating patrol?)
8## IDA Investigators (3 digit number in 800's, possibly badge number, followed by "Ida")
# KING/## KING K9 Units
# MARY # ???
5## NORA ???
SAM #8# Sergeants ("Sam" followed by 3 digit number, first digit is shift number, second digit is 8, sometimes first digit is omitted)
# TOM #/### TOM Traffic Enforcement Units

Other Police Departments

3XX's Wrightstown PD/De Pere PD
4XX's De Pere PD
5XX's Hobart-Lawrence PD
6XX's-8XX's Ashwaubenon DPS (Law Enforcement)
8XX's Oneida Nation PD
9XX's Pulaski PD
C-XXX's Wisconsin DNR
State Car 3XX's and 33XX's Wisconsin State Patrol
Union 7XX's UW Green Bay PD

Fire and EMS

Numbering format is Department / Station / Unit
Example: Engine 2-1-1 or Ladder 4-2-1

1XX's   De Pere FD
2XX's   Howard FD
3XX's   Ashwaubenon DPS (Firefighting/EMS)
4XX's   Green Bay Metro FD
5XX's   was Bellevue FD (merged into Green Bay Metro FD)
6XX's   Lawrence FD
7XX's   Wayside FD
8XX's   Morrison FD
9XX's   Greenleaf FD
10XX's  Hollandtown FD
11XX's  Pulaski Tri County FD
12XX's  Suamico FD
13XX's  Wrightstown FD
14XX's  Denmark FD
15XX's  New Franken FD
16XX's  was Allouez FD (merged into Green Bay Metro FD)
17XX's  Hobart FD
18XX's  Ledgeview FD
19XX's  Austin Straubel Airport (GRB) FD
38XX's  Oneida FD (uses Outagamie County format)
60XX's  County Rescue

Green Bay Metro Fire Department Unit List

Station 1: 501 S. Washington St. Engine 411 Batallion 411
Station 2: 929 University Ave. Engine 421 Ladder 421 Ambulance 421 Mini-pump 422. Water Rescue 422
Station 3: 885 Shawano Ave. Engine 431 Ambulance 431 Batallion 431
station 4: 2560 W. Point Rd. Engine 441
Station 5: 2310 Finger Rd Engine 451 Ladder 451 Ambulance 451 Tech Rescue 451
Station 6: 1701 W. Mason St Engine 461 Ladder 461 Ambulance 461
Station 7: 3849 Humboldt Rd Engine 471 Tender 471
Station 8 (was Allouez FD): 135 Dauphin St. Engine 481 Ambulance 481
Station 9 (was Bellevue FD): 3100 Eaton Rd. Engine 491 Tender 491 UTV

P25 Radio ID's

*Note: WISCOM compliant radio IDs are also used when operating on neighboring counties' radio systems.
**Note: Radio ID's on SIREN are NOT WISCOM compliant, since 57XXXXX's are assigned to Sauk County.

1001X   570000 Brown County PSAP
1002X          Brown County PSAP
1020X   1020X  Brown County PSAP
57000XX 5000XX Green Bay PD portables
57001XX 5001XX Green Bay PD portables
57002XX 5002XX Green Bay PD portables
57003XX 5003XX Green Bay PD portables
57005XX 5005XX Green Bay PD squads
57006XX 5006XX Green Bay PD squads
57040XX 5040XX Green Bay Metro FD portables
57041XX 5041XX Green Bay Metro FD portables
57045XX 5045XX Green Bay Metro FD mobiles
5704802 504802 Green Bay Metro FD Station 2
5704803 504803 Green Bay Metro FD Station 3
5704804 504804 Green Bay Metro FD Station 4
5704805 504805 Green Bay Metro FD Station 5
5704808 504808 Green Bay Metro FD Station 8
5704810 504810 Green Bay Metro FD Station 1
5704811 504811 Green Bay Metro FD Station 7
5704812 504812 Green Bay Metro FD Station 6
57060XX 5060XX Green Bay Metro Transit portables
57065XX 5065XX Green Bay Metro Transit buses
57068XX 5068XX Green Bay Metro Transit dispatch bases
57070XX 5070XX Green Bay Park Dept (Bay Beach Wildlife Sactuary)
57120XX 5120XX Ashwaubenon DPS portables
57121XX 5121XX Ashwaubenon DPS portables
57125XX 5125XX Ashwaubenon DPS mobiles
57128XX 5128XX Ashwaubenon DPS bases
57150XX 5150XX Oneida Nation PD portables
57155XX 5155XX Oneida Nation PD squads
5715808 515808 Oneida Nation PSAP
57160XX 5160XX Hobart Lawrence PD portables
57165XX 5165XX Hobart Lawrence PD squads
        5200XX ???
57210XX 5210XX Brown County Sheriff (BRSO) portables
57211XX 5211XX Brown County Sheriff (BRSO) portables
57212XX 5212XX Brown County Sheriff (BRSO) portables
57215XX 5215XX Brown County Sheriff (BRSO) squads
57220XX 5220XX Austin Straubel Airport (GRB) FD
5722801 522801 Austin Straubel Airport (GRB) PSAP
57230XX 5230XX De Pere FD portables
57235XX 5235XX De Pere FD mobiles
57240XX 5240XX Denmark FD portables
57245XX 5245XX Denmark FD mobiles
57250XX 5250XX Green Bay Metro FD portables (was Allouez FD)
57255XX 5255XX Green Bay Metro FD mobiles (was Allouez FD)
57290XX 5290XX Green Bay Metro FD portables (was Bellevue FD)
57295XX 5295XX Green Bay Metro FD mobiles (was Bellevue FD)
5729801 529801 Green Bay Metro FD Station 9
57305XX 5305XX Bellevue PD squads (officers are BRSO deputies contracted to the village)
57310XX 5310XX County Rescue portables
57315XX 5315XX County Rescue mobiles
5731516 531516 County Rescue Eagle 3 Helicopter
57320XX 5320XX De Pere PD portables
57325XX 5325XX De Pere PD squads
57330XX 5330XX Greenleaf FD portables
57335XX 5335XX Greenleaf FD mobiles
57340XX 5340XX Hobart FD portables
57345XX 5345XX Hobart FD mobiles
57350XX 5350XX Hollandtown FD portables
57355XX 5355XX Hollandtown FD mobiles
57360XX 5360XX Howard FD portables
57365XX 5365XX Howard FD mobiles
57375XX 5375XX Howard PD squads (officers are BRSO deputies contracted to the village)
57380XX 5380XX Lawrence FD portables
57381XX 5381XX Lawrence FD portables
57385XX 5385XX Lawrence FD mobiles
57400XX 5400XX Morrison FD portables
57405XX 5405XX Morrison FD mobiles
57410XX 5410XX New Franken FD portables
57415XX 5415XX New Franken FD mobiles
57425XX 5425XX NEW Rescue mobiles
57430XX 5430XX Pulaski FD portables
57435XX 5435XX Pulaski FD mobiles
57440XX 5440XX Pulaski PD portables
57445XX 5445XX Pulaski PD squads
57450XX 5450XX Suamico FD portables
57455XX 5455XX Suamico FD mobiles
57470XX 5470XX University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (UWGB) PD portables
57475XX 5475XX University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (UWGB) PD mobiles
57480XX 5480XX Wayside FD portables
57485XX 5485XX Wayside FD mobiles
57490XX 5490XX Wrightstown FD portables
57495XX 5495XX Wrightstown FD mobiles
57500XX 5500XX Wrightstown PD portables
57505XX 5505XX Wrightstown PD squads
57510XX 5510XX Ledgeview FD portables
57515XX 5515XX Ledgeview FD mobiles
57530XX 5530XX Green Bay Metro Sewerage District portables
57538XX 5538XX Green Bay Metro Sewerage District bases
57560XX 5560XX Brown County Highway Department portables
57565XX 5565XX Brown County Highway Department mobiles
57566XX 5566XX Brown County Highway Department mobiles
57568XX 5568XX Brown County Highway Department bases

25510 BRSCAN patch (WISCOM)
45038XX Oneida FD Portables
45389XX Oneida First Responders
45838XX Oneida FD Truck Radios
81003XX Wisconsin State Patrol EF Johnson VM900 squad radios
81033XX Wisconsin State Patrol EF Johnson VM900 squad radios
81103XX Wisconsin State Patrol portables
81133XX Wisconsin State Patrol portables
81203XX Wisconsin State Patrol Kenwood TK-5710 squad radios
81233XX Wisconsin State Patrol Kenwood TK-5710 squad radios
81603XX Wisconsin State Patrol portables
81633XX Wisconsin State Patrol portables
82XXXXX Wisconsin DNR
8722XXX Green Bay Correctional Institution "GBCI" (K22)
872299X Green Bay Correctional Institution "GBCI" (K22) Bases
9901107 National Weather Service-Green Bay Weather Forecasting Office
9901108 National Weather Service-Green Bay Weather Forecasting Office
??????? Aurora BayCare Medical Center
??????? Bellin Memorial Hospital
??????? Bellin Psychiatric Center
??????? Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
??????? Milo C. Huempfner VA Hospital (possibly 97XXXXX's?)
??????? Saint Mary's Hospital Medical Center
??????? Saint Vincent Hospital
??????? US Coast Guard (USCG)
??????? US Coast Guard-Station (Small) Green Bay
??????? US Marshals Service (USMS)

Pager Tones

EMS Pager Tones

County Rescue - East 667.5 539.0
County Rescue - West 398.1 435.3
Hobart First Responders 742.5 489.8
Howard First Responders 668.3 543.3
Little Suamico First Responders 703.2 817.5
New Franken First Responders 912.0 543.3
N.E.W. Para-Medic Rescue 912.0 602.6
Suamico First Responders 368.5 543.3
Tri-County First Responders 907.5 817.5
Wrightstown First Responders 339.6 358.6

Fire Pager Tones

Allouez Fire & Rescue) 822.2 398.1
Allouez (paid - on call) 399.2 668.3
Ashwaubenon Fire 712.5 712.5
Ashwaubenon Public Safety 441.6 543.3
Bellevue Fire 398.1 912.0
Bellevue Special Ops 822.2 912.0
Denmark Fire 399.2 602.6
De Pere Fire & Rescue 668.3 634.5
Greenleaf Fire 602.6 489.8
Hobart Fire 441.6 398.1
Hollandtown Fire 855.5 489.8
Howard Fire 524.8 399.2
Lawrence Fire 742.5 862.5
New Franken Fire 489.8 398.1
Pulaski 426.1 288.5
Pulaski Tri-County Fire 668.8 822.2
Suamico Fire 602.6 399.2
Wayside Fire 668.3 742.5
Wrightstown Fire 489.8 742.5

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