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Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Maryville, Troy


Miscellaneous Glen Carbon/Edwardsville

  • Refuse collection by Allied Waste Service Website and Waste Management
  • Cable, telephone, internet provided by AT&T, Charter/Specgrum and Madison Communications (See Staunton Businesses for more info)

Gateway Commerce Center (Pontoon Beach/Edwardsville)

Located at I-255 & IL Route 111. A 25,000-square-foot trucking service center - essentially a private truck stop - will provide Schneider National drivers with maintenance, fuel, parking, laundry, Internet access and showers. The commerce center has played a key role in the Metro East area's recent emergence as a hub for distribution and warehousing operations. Its major tenants include Hershey Food Co., Unilever, Dial Corp., Buske Lines, Lanter Company, World Wide Technologies an

Is a 2,300-acre commercial/industrial development site at the intersection of Interstates 255 and 270 near Edwardsville, Ill., about 20 minutes from downtown St. Louis.

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
461.56250  466.56250   WQLB948   RM  464 DPL  Berk Pckgng Berkeley Contract Packaging  FMN  Business 
461.02500  466.02500   WQYE268   RM    RCC / WWT RCC / World Wide Technologies  DMR  Business 
452.88750  457.88750   WRMQ477   RM    Ryder Edw Ryder Logistics  DMR  Business 

Frequency Input License Type Tone Out Tone In Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag
456.2750 KA82973 M Gulf CntlSys Gulf Central Storage & Terminal Company (Wood River) [exp 3/01]
452.2250 WPSR800 RM Kraft GC Op1 Kraft Foods (Granite City)
452.4500 WPSR800 RM Kraft GC Op2 Kraft Foods (Granite City)
452.8625 WPSR800 M Kraft GC Op3 Kraft Foods (Granite City)
451.6625 WPSR800 M Kraft GC Op4 Kraft Foods (Granite City)
451.5625 WPSR800 M Kraft GC Op5 Kraft Foods (Granite City)
451.6375 WPMB410 M Lanter W/H 1 Lanter Company: Warehouse Ops (Granite City) [Exp 8/03]
463.8500 WPMB410 M Lanter W/H 2 Lanter Company: Warehouse Ops (Granite City) [Exp 8/03]

Amazon Fulfillment Center STL4

  • 451.4 CC9 TG1 SL1 Ops/Maintenance
  • also 452.8375 (not CC1 TG10), 451.925 (not CC8 TG10) WQXT639

Berkeley Contract Packaging

Buske Lines Incorporated

  • One of the nation's leading freight haulers, purchased 25 acres which borders a 23-acre tract that Buske bought at Gateway in 2000. Buske already operates a 365,000-square-foot office and warehouse on the site. "We are exploring the potential of expanding our building by 240,000 to 300,000 square feet," said Tom Buske, president of Buske Lines, which moved its headquarters to Gateway from Litchfield in 2001. (1100 Jobs)

Crescent Park Corporation

  • Food Container Mfg
  • 30-4W 468.225, 468.3375, 468.575, 468.75, 469.9 WPOA503


GENCO ATC Intermodals/Distribution System


Henkel / Dial

  • Henkel has no active licenses in the area
  • Dial - Mobiles in St Louis - 463.3375, 466.9625, 467.0375; WPJH514 St Louis - 461.2125, 466.2125 KB90169

Hershey Foods Midwest Distribution Center

  • 1.1 million sq. ft.

Lanter Company

  • Lanter Co., a full service logistics company that provides contract and public warehousing, has begun its third bulk distribution center at Gateway Commerce Center. The 600,000 square-foot facility

Menasha Packaging

  • Container Manufacturing - Mobiles: 451/456.3875 451/456.5125 451/456.7375 (90-4wt NFM/DMR) WQXC663

Ozbum-Hessey Logistics (Storage)

Procter and Gamble

  • Also possibly using 464.5, 464.55 WPBB609; 464.5375 WQEE648
  • 461.825 Repeater (PG North America SMO WQWT889

Saddle Creek Logistics Services


  • Warehouse

Schneider National

  • 25,000-square-foot truck service and repair facility

Turner Electric HQ

Unilever HPC

  • In the development of a 1.26 million-square-foot distribution facility at Gateway.

USF Logistics/USF Holland

  • 37-25wt mobiles: 152.3975, 154.505 (131.8), 157.5525, 159.885, 159.99
  • Closed/Laid off employees 8/1/23 after parent company Yellow Corp. shut down all of its ops Link

Velocity Services (Edwardsville)

  • WQPDY443 Mobiles on 456.325, 456.9, 457.125, 457.9 (NFM) {{Callsign|

Walgreens / E-Commerce Distribution Center 10/12 FCC Application 0005480570 for 464.8500, 464.4125 Repeater, Mobiles on 466.0250, 466.0500, 466.1000, 466.1500, 466.2500 (TRBO) [1]

West Rock Coverting Company / Rock Ten

  • Paper Mfg - 20-4wt mobiles 467.0875, 468.8625, 469.35, 469.3125, 469.8625 WQRU355


World Wide Technologies

Yazaki of North America

  • 452.8375, 457.8375 (NFM/NXDN) Automotive Components WQTI425


CONTEGRA CONSTRUCTION13 Contegra Construction'

  • 22 Gateway Commerce Ctr. Dr. W, Edwardsville, IL (9th largest business in the MetroEast)
  • No FCC licenses found

Kienstra (Edwardsville)

  • Units: Dispatch, Truck 31

[http:/ Prairie Farms Dairy]

  • 3744 Staunton Rd, Edwardsville (#1. First largest business in the MetroEast)

RP Lumber Company

  • 514 E Vandalia St, Edwardsville (7th largest business in the MetroEast)

Tiger Plumbing/Mt Everest Air/Heating

  • (old) uses NexTel for communications. (formerly on MCT TRS)

Glen Carbon

Eden Village Retirement Center (Glen Carbon) Website

  • Multiple tones on repeater: D054, D065, D071, D074, D114
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
463.97500  468.97500   WQHT601   RM  065 DPL  EDRC D065 Operations  FMN  Business 
463.97500  468.97500   WQHT601   RM  054 DPL  EDRC Maint1 Maintenance Ops  FMN  Business 
463.97500  468.97500   WQHT601   RM  074 DPL  EDRC Dietary Dietary Ops  FMN  Business 
463.97500  468.97500   WQHT601   RM  114 DPL  EDRC D114 Operations  FMN  Business 
463.97500  468.97500   WQHT601   RM  071 DPL  EDRC Nurses Nursing Ops  FMN  Business 

Frequency Input License Type Tone Out Tone In Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag
463.9750 468.9750 WQHT601 RM EDRC GC Maintenance, Ops, Security FMN Business
461.9625 WQHT601 M EDRC Maint2 Maintenance, Ops, Security FMN Business
466.9625 WQHT601 M EDRC Maint3 Maintenance, Ops, Security (Glen Carbon) FMN Business

Hawthorne Animal Hospital

  • 451.2375, 451.3625, 452.1125 - 15-4wt mobiles (NFM/DMR) WEQIV611

Lutheran Senior Services - Meridian Village Facility Map

  • 452.8875, confirmed using D466 (also licensed for mobiles on 457.8875) D371 heard near home WQQS675
  • 451.775 Repeater (also BJC NXDN control channel), mobiles on 456.8875, 457.4125
  • 451.775 CC2 TG10 detected in Glen Carbon (9/8/22) but unsure if user.

Keller Farms Website

  • Definitely 2 repeaters on tone/frequency, can hear the first one drop out first, both do not always come up; also hear units in Dupo)

Maryville (Village)

Copper Creek Christian Church

  • 30-5W - 451.7625, 456.3125, 462.4375, 467.4375 (DMR) (new 1/23) WRVS309

Midwest Mulch/Composting; Brewster Companies

  • Excavating/Landscaping
  • 25-4W - 464.9625, 469.9625; 464.0, 469.0 (NFM) WQVS563

Troy (City)


Truck Centers

  • 2280 Formosa Rd., Troy (3rd largest business in the MetroEast)
  • No local FCC licenses found

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